Knocked Loose And Terror Stir Up The Insanity In Seattle

Knocked Loose
Knocked Loose
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Knocked Loose And Terror Stir Up The Insanity In Seattle – Last Tuesday night Knocked Loose played Seattle’s El Corazon.  The touring support bands were Terror, Jesus Piece and Year Of The Knife.  With a massive hard-hitting line up like that, you just knew that this was going to be a show to remember for years.

First up for the evening was Safe And Sound from Tacoma, Washington.  The local hardcore group has been around for quite some time now and has a solid fan base.  The 25 minute set started off with chugging riffs and hard-hitting drums.  The rhythm got the crowd to start moving while having a good time.  After the first song they told the crowd that one of their members couldn’t make the show that day but they had a fill in bassist for him.  Needless to say even with a fill in bass player, the band still killed it.  Check these guys out if you get a chance.

Next up was Year Of The Knife from Delaware.  The crowd kept coming in and the venue was starting to fill up on the floor.  Quickly the band started off their set and immediately an audience member went around and started trying to get people to move around, the crowd responded to this by hardcore dancing and jumping towards the stage while screaming along with the singer.  The 25 minute set really set the tone for the rest of the evening as more and more people piled into the venue.  This band really knows how to rile up a crowd.  Check them out if they play a city near you.

The third band for the night was Pennsylvania’s Jesus Piece.  Before their set started their vocalist came out to do sound check.  During sound check he asked the lighting engineer to turn the lights to solid red and add a little bit of smoke to the stage, then left the stage.  The band came back out about a minute later to a packed venue.  Immediately the floor opened up and it looked like a scene straight out of Road House as audience members started wind milling and doing spin kicks across the floor.  You could feel the energy change as the crowd got more and more rowdy as the set went on. Stage diving started to happen at this point and it didn’t stop for the rest of the evening.  Jesus Piece got signed to Southern Lord records last year.  This band works extremely hard not only on their albums but on their live show as well.  This is a band you don’t want to miss live.

The next band was hardcore legend, Terror.  The band came out to a heavy sounding rap song which got the audience members to start dancing around.  As soon as the intro song was over the crowd went wild and rushed the stage as soon as the music started.  The band started off their 30 minute set with their hit Keep Your Mouth Shut off of the album ‘One With The Underdogs’. This made the audience go crazy as stage diving kept happening.  At some points there were up to four audience members stage diving and tearing it up.  The crowd reacted by turning the entire floor in to one big mosh pit.  Vocalist Scott Vogel kept telling the audience he wanted to see more stage dives, no injuries to anyone and no fights.  The audience complied to that and had a good time with each other.  The final three songs of their set really made the crowd go crazy with singing, slam dancing and stage diving as the band ripped into One With The Underdogs, Spit My Rage, and ending the set with Keepers Of The Faith.  Terror is a band that has earned the respect of every band in the scene.  If you haven’t had the chance to see this band live, make sure you go when they announce a show near you. They are a must see for any fan of metal and hardcore.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Knocked Loose was about to hit the stage.  The band came out to an extremely anxious and rowdy crowd.  Vocalist Bryan Garris walked up to the microphone and told the crowd that the first song of the set was new.  The crowd reacted very well to the new song.  Following that came their song Separate off of their EPPop Culture’The crowd was going absolutely insane during the song as more stage diving and hardcore dancing kept happening.  The 45 minute set was packed full of fan favorites including a special performance of their song Damned Earth off of a split album they had done with hardcore band Damaged Goods.  During the song The Rain, the crowd picked up a girl in a wheelchair and crowd surfed her up to the stage. Security and Bryan both helped her onto the stage.

Before the song Oblivions Peak was played, Bryan started talking about a topic that important to him.  He dedicated the song to all of the women in hardcore and talked about how any type of negative phobias towards anyone was not okay.  This got a major reaction from the crowd as everyone cheered and clapped.  One of the biggest highlights of the night came during the final song All My Friends.  At the end of the song the audience yelled out as loud as they could “All My Friends Are Dead!”.  The sound of the audience singing along was deafening and quite an experience to be a part of.  Knocked Loose has worked very hard to be where they are at today.  This tour has meant a lot to them since it is their first headlining tour.  With the amount of sold out shows they have been playing, I can easily say that we will all be seeing more of them in the future as a headliner.  When this band comes to play a city near you make sure to be there.  They put on an amazing show and it will be a show you will never forget.

Knocked Loose set list for Seattle:
New Song (unknown title)
The Rain
Billy No Mates
Small Victories
No Thanks
Damned Earth
The Gospel
Oblivions Peak
Last Words
Counting Worms
Blood Will Have Blood
All My Friends

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