P.O.D. Rocks the Canton Hall in Dallas

P.O.D. Rocks the Canton Hall in Dallas
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P.O.D., also known as Payable On Death, rolled into the Dallas Metroplex on February 24th. Their recent tour had some astounding supporting bands such as Islander, D.E.D., Adakain and Last Day Living at the newly opened Canton Hall in Deep Ellum.

Last Day Living came out and got the show off to a phenomenal start. It set the tone for the rest of the evening. The nonstop jams did not stop there either, up next was Dallas rock scene natives, Adakain. These DFW rockers have a nice heavy blend of depth and shattering guitar riffs in their music. There is something about their sound that caught my eye. I will be keeping a lookout for their music career on the horizon.

D.E.D. was up next, and I have to be honest, I had not heard of them before, but multiple people told me that I should make it a priority to catch their stage set. Let me say this to you; I am glad that I listened. They have a combination of edgy metal mixed with just a bit of hip-hop. Their song “Hate Me”, is one that will be in my head for some time. Such a good tune. Islander was up next was next up, and the crowd was more than ready for these guys to bring it and they unquestionably brought it to the stage. The band came out firing on all cylinders and gave the crowd exactly what they came for.

As we all waited for the main attraction, the crowd was getting into the music playing from the soundboard, then Linkin Park’s “In The End” started playing and the entire crowd began to sing in unison. It felt like a tribute to their late singer.

All of a sudden the lights blacked out and the opening riffs to P.O.D.‘s newest single, “Soundboy Killa” began and everyone got hype for the main event. I was slightly intrigued by the nature of the crowd; I noticed that there were a lot of families in attendance. The vibe in the air was not only an energetic one, but it also felt like special magic was in the air. The San Diego rockers played quite the elaborate set with tracks coming from multiple albums. I have seen the band perform many times in the past and is always a pleasure when they play tracks like “Boom”, “Will You” and “Southtown”.

Multiple moments had a connecting spark uniting everyone with each other. Namely, with the track “Beautiful”, which the frontman Sonny Sandoval ended up serenading a young girl on top of her dad’s shoulders. After the song was over, Sonny expressed a great deal of emotion and shared how much he was ready to see his daughters. I’m pretty sure every parent in the house felt the sentiment. For me, the highlight track of the night without a doubt was when they played “Ghetto”. This is a track that doesn’t always get as much stage play and still gets my soul grooving. Not only was this a night to remember for everyone in the crowd, but it was also a special night for Wuv, the band’s drummer. It was his birthday, and the Clint and Co. (owner of Trees, Bomb Factory, and Canton Hall) made a specialty cake with a custom drum set on it. This by far was my favorite show of 2018 so far.

Soundboy Killa
Murdered Love
Lost In Forever
Rock The Party
Will You
On Fire
(Pulp Fiction Intro/Am I Awake Intro)
Set It Off
Get Down
Youth Of A Nation
This Goes Out To You

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