Sabaton and Kreator Co Headline Tour – Live at the Wiltern, Los Angeles

Sabaton and Kreator Co Headline
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Review and photos by Tammy Greene.

Sabaton and Kreator Co Headline Tour – Live at the Wiltern, Los Angeles – Friday, February 9th the German Trash Metallers Kreator and the Swedish Heavy Metal Heroes Sabaton hit the Wiltern on their second sold-out night of the co-headlining tour.

All I’ve heard is the fans rave about the band Kreator, this being my first time seeing them live. I guess you could say I was seeing them, between the backlighting and all the fog, there were silhouettes, but don’t let that fool you they sounded amazing.

Kreator formed in 1980 and is referred to as one of the “Big 4” in Teutonic Thrash Metal, releasing fourteen studio albums, two EP’s and two live albums.

Touring behind their recent release Gods of Violence’ via Nuclear Blast. Kickin off the set with “Phantom Antichrist” off the song titled album, followed by “Hail to the Hordes” off Gods of Violence’, rounding out the first three songs with “Enemy of God” from the song titled album. Frontman Millie Petrozza made sure there was never-ending moshing and body surfing. Their fifteen song set was pure power from start to finish.

Kreator Setlist
Phantom Antichrist
Hail to the Horde
Enemy of God
Satan Is Real
Civilization Collapse
People of the Lie
Flag of Hate
Gods of Violence
From Flood into Fire
Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
Totalitarian Terror
The Patriarch
Violent Revolution
Pleasure to Kill
Death Becomes My Light

This was a co-headlining tour, on this night Sabaton closed out the evening.  While the stage was being turned over the Sabaton Army started chanting… Sa-ba-ton. Sa-ba-ton, waving their flags by their dedicated fans.

Sabaton‘s appearance and lyrics are based on war, historical battles and acts of heroism. Each song has a story within a story. The huge LED screen behind the drum set showing war scenes as Hannes Van Dahl appeared with his left arm stretched upwards holding drums sticks like he was going to lead the charge. Bassist Pär Sundström, guitarist Tommy Johansson, and Chris Rörland hit the stage as frontman Joakim Brodén runs to center stage opening with the set with “Ghost Division” from the album ‘The Art of War’, followed by “Uprising” off ‘Coat of Arms’ rounding out the set with “Blood of Bannockburn” from their latest release ‘The Last Stand’.

Brodén is very audience orientated, always cracking jokes and the friendly banter between him and Johansson on how “Swedish Pagans” got in the setlist as Brodén stated underneath his breath this was not his favorite song, as he laughed. Also giving the fans a choice on which language they wanted to hear “Gott Mit Uns”, thankfully the fans cheered the loudest for the Swedish version. Their seventeen song set was packed with hits from their discography, the energy was infectious and the fan participation was great to see.

This was an interesting pairing, but it worked. You had the hardcore Thrash Metal moshers and the fans that wore fatigues flying the Swedish flag Army strong, Sabaton Army. Cyhra has joined the tour, this is a show to see!

Sabaton Setlist
In the Army Now
The March to War
Ghost Division
Blood of Bannockburn
Cliffs of Gallipoli
The Lion From the North
Swedish Pagans
Gott Mit Uns
The Final Solution
Resist and Bite
Night Witches
Winged Hussars
The Last Stand
Carolus Rex
Primo Victoria
To Hell and Back



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