Anti Flag Comes To Austin With A Message Of Unity

February 2, 2018 - Mowhawk, Austin, TX

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Pittsburgh punk rockers, Anti Flag have been a voice to be reckoned with inside the punk rock scene since their debut album release ‘Die For The Government’, back in 1996. From the beginning, their passion could be heard in their music and felt live in concert. That very passion came to Austin, TX last Friday night as Anti Flag performed at the Mohawk.

As I entered the venue I began to look around at the crowd. Quickly I noticed a smile on my face from seeing the different generations of fans coming together to embrace the notion of unity through music. It touched my soul to witness everyone coming together in this way.

Watching Chris Barker and Justin Sane unite people in such a way that complete strangers embrace each other while singing the lyrics to all of their favorite songs, brought a sense of purpose and happiness to the masses. As the band called for the crowd to dance away in a circle pit, they continually reminded everyone, “If your brother or sister falls, pick them up!” The fans were happy to oblige.

Anti Flag merits a nod for their continued dedication to influencing change. Not only are they vocal about their political opinions, they also genuinely care about humanity. They are known for having multiple charities at their events to help spread awareness and raise support. On this particular tour, they brought along with them:

Love, Hope, and Strength Foundation
This non-profit swabs your cheek looking for a bone marrow match for cancer patients by using the “Get on the List” campaign.

Love Hope Strength Foundation

A Voice for the Innocent
A nonprofit organization offering a community of support for those affected by rape and sexual abuse.

Peta 2
The largest youth animal rights group in the world.

I appreciate Anti Flag’s dedication to expressing their concern on the issues that affect all of us by showing it through their music and actions, that change is possible.

When it was all said and done, I felt a sense of satisfaction. Myself, along with many fans, experienced one hell of a show, made some new friends and got to help contribute to some excellent charities. I look forward to seeing what Anti Flag does next. If you have the chance to catch this tour before it ends, don’t even question it, GO!

Anti Flag Setlist:
When The Wall Falls
The Press Corpse
Cities Burn
Fuck Police Brutality
All of the Poison, All of the Pain
The Criminals
Broken Bones
1 Trillion Dollar$
This Is the End (For You My Friend)
Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime
Die for the Government
Drink Drank Punk
Brandenburg Gate
Power to the Peaceful

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