Interview with Billy Sheehan on The Fell, and His Other Projects

Tour plans and new music with Sons of Apollo, Mr Big & The Winery Dogs

Billy Sheehan
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There are a number of names people instantly recognize when it comes to music. Billy Sheehan is one of those instantly recognizable names!  I caught up with him at NAMM 2018 and we chat about his current project The Fell.

The Fell is a music project that was started by Mike Krompass and he enlisted Billy Sheehan, Randy Cooke and J.D. Fortune to join him.  The group started out with a vocalist Toby Rand, but due to contractual legalities he had to step away.  Following Toby on vocals was Anthony De La Torre.  Sadly, Anthony also had to step away to pursue a few acting projects leaving the door open for former INXS vocalist J.D. Fortune to take the lead.

The band previously laid some tracks down which they re-recorded with De La Torre, but with the additional change in vocalists they are now working on new music rather than re-record the last tracks.  Look for new music to come from The Fell later this year.

While I was talking with Billy we also talked about his EBS signature pedal the “EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive” that he worked with EBS Sweden AB out of Bromma, Sweden to develop. He mentioned there is a new version of his signature pedal in the works now so for you bassists and guitarists who are currently using his pedal or looking to get a new one, keep your eyes out for it.

Billy also talked about a few of his other projects; Sons of Apollo, Mr Big, The Winery Dogs and what’s new as well as happening with them this year.  Lastly, he offered up some great advice to those trying to make their way in music today.

Along with everything else Billy Sheehan has going on, he was also recently inducted into the Heavy Metal Hall of FameCongratulations Billy!

Take a listen to the full interview below with Billy Sheehan during NAMM 2018 below.

Listen to the full interview below:

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