Meshuggah Perform To A Sold Out Crowd In Seattle

January 24, 2018 - Showbox Market, Seattle, WA

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Last week Swedish tech death legends Meshuggah returned to Seattle for their first concert in nearly six years.  The sold out crowd at the Showbox at the market was so excited for the show that you could feel it.  Also on this tour were Code Orange and Toothgrinder as opening support.

First up for the evening was New Jersey’s Toothgrinder.  Vocalist Justin Matthews set the tone for the evening as he picked up the mic, hopped onto the barrier and threw himself into the crowd to start off the bands set.  That riled the crowd up and right after, everyone started to move around.  The bands half hour set really showcased the bands diversity; playing songs that were somewhat slow and then ripping straight into something faster.  These guys are a very fun and in your face kind of performers.  If they are playing a town near you, I suggest going.

Next up was Pittsburgh’s hardcore outfit Code Orange.  The bands were recently openers for the final shows of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Following that tour they performed at the FYA Fest in Florida. The band started off their 40 minute long set with the opening title track to their Grammy nominated album ‘Forever’.  Bass player Joe Goldman started pumping up the crowd by doing spin kicks across the stage and jumping off of the monitors on the stage.  Quickly after that crowd surfers started coming up and over the security barricade.  The bands energy and aggression level seemed to be matched by the audience the entire set.  Code Orange is a must see performance for a fan of anything hard-hitting bands.  This band will not let you down live.  Make sure to see them whenever they come to a city near you.

Finally, the moment had come for Meshuggah to obliterate the sold out crowd.  The hour and a half set started off with the song “Clockworks” off of their newest album ‘The Violent Sleep Of Reason‘.  Immediately the crowd started jumping along to the rhythm.  The stage was darkly lit and you could see the members in between strobe lights which really added intensity to the show.  The band went in to playing “Born In Dissonance” and “Do Not Look Down” to kick off their first three songs of the set which was quite a way to make an entrance.  In between songs vocalist Jens Kidman talked to the audience and thanked them for coming out.  The band played many fan favorites that night such as “Lethargica”, “Rational Gaze”, and “Pravus”.  The highlight of the night came when they played their hit song “Future Breed Machine” off of their album Destroy, Erase, Improve‘.  The evening came to an end with the song “Demiurge”.

Meshuggah is a band that puts on a one of a kind show.  The lights and sounds go together in a way that only they can do.  They may not come this way often due to the fact they are from Sweden so whenever they do come to the states, make sure to be at one of their shows because you will not be disappointed.

Setlist for Seattle:
Born In Dissonance
Do Not Look Down
The Hurt That Finds You First
Rational Gaze
Violent Sleep Of Reason
Straws Pulled At Random
Future Breed Machine

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