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Earth Caller has released a hot new metalcore album with ‘Crystal Death’. It’s intense, dark, angry and begging for listeners to revolt against the day to day norm we are all experiencing today.

This band from Melbourne, Australia pummels listeners with crushing guitars, polyrhythmic riffs, and driving drums. The music is topped off with angry vocals that scream to incite you into action. Not just in a mosh pit, but to stand up against the negativity, the injustices and just plain band things going on all around us.

Listening to the lyrics, people of all ages, races and classes of society will connect with what Earth Caller has to say. It’s honest and says wake up and doing something, make a change, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Many people who don’t get metalcore simply feel its nothing more than screaming and intense music.  While most metalcore artists are getting the word out in their music to the masses.  Connecting with people who don’t feel they connect in any other way.

This is what ‘Crystal Death’ will do with those who listen to it.  It will connect the listeners to the music, the band, to the world around.  I really enjoyed what Earth Caller did with this album.  It’s killer music and lyrics that have a bigger purpose, but can also simply be enjoyed.

Pipe Dreams
No Forgiveness
Dying Beside You
Never In Never Around
A Ghost
Fall ft. Sophie Jest
May 16
Hold On ft. Taylar Paige

Earth Caller is:
Josh Collard: Vocals
Zac Noble: Guitar/Vocals
Justin Murphy: Guitar
Harley Hadden: Bass/Vocals
Joel Diver: Drums

Earth Caller
Album: Crystal Death
Label: eOne Music / Lifeblood, Inc.
Genre: Metalcore
Release Date: January 19, 2018

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