Audio Interview: The Soul Exchange “The Vow of Seth”

The Soul Exchange
The Soul Exchange -Photo by Kamil Janowski
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Meet Swedish recording artists The Soul Exchange. This band has a mix of hard rock that at times is melodic then dark with a bit of an ethereal, tortured, and tragic feel. As the band is progressing, they are taking a darker turn with their music and making their sound their own.

The band is back in the studio working on their next full-length album that they expect to release later in 2018. Currently, the band has two albums out, ‘Bloodbound’ (2016, LP) and ‘The Vow of Seth’ (Dec. 2017, EP).

From the first album ‘Bloodbound’ forward to ‘The Vow of Seth’ you can hear the progression of their sound and style through their music. On ‘Bloodbound’ you will experience a more melodic set of tracks that have an old-school rock feel to them. Between the haunting and melodic vocals, the classic guitars and drumming then the almost organ-sounding keyboards, listeners get a feel of the glory days. As the album transitions by each track, you get this feeling that they are going to take you into many directions and they do.

Moving forward to their latest release, The Soul Exchange takes the listeners through a journey in ‘The Vow of Seth’. The new EP is heavier, slower, and full of alchemy.  The opening title track starts out with what almost sounds like a hurdy-gurdy but likely a synth resembling the sound. As each track progresses it’s clear this second release has taken a different direction into the darkness. It’s almost as if the album has been written as a theme with a story to be told.

This release is full of emotion-grabbing instrumentals and pain-filled vocals. The EP closes out with an eerie piece filled with piano, stringed instruments, and haunting vocals. The listener is given the opportunity to sink into the music and absorb the experience. Listeners will definitely be left wondering what The Soul Exchange will do on the next album.

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Hans von Bell (guitar) and Benny White (drummer) to talk about the music and what’s to come. This project is one they are fully committed to and focused on.  So expect to hear much more from The Soul Exchange to come! Check out the interview below.

Listen to the full interview below:


The Soul Exchange is:
Hans von Bell: Guitars
Daniel John: Vocals and Keyboards
Thomas von Bell: Guitars
Patrik Ekelöf: Bass
Benny White: Drums

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