New Video: Blue Helix – Anti-Social Butterfly

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Seattle area rock band Blue Helix released their music video for “Anti-Social Butterfly” today.

“Anti-Social Butterfly” is a song that touches on the hot-topic of bullying all around us today.  The band takes a stand against bullying in their video that follows the story of a teen age boy who’s become the object of peer bullying through him growing up into an adult and overcoming the bullies, all the while throwing in a subtle visual comparison to the music industry and how it is the bully to all of the up and coming artists trying to make their own way into the industry.

What I love about the musical side of “Anti-Social Butterfly” is that this is a fantastic song, both instrumentally and vocally! Blue Helix wrote a great song to start out with then recorded a lively, passionate rock song that will connect with music fans.  It’s heavy and screams to be heard. Nothing about this song feels half way done.  It feels fully thought out and comes at you with all Blue Helix has to offer. Words simply can’t do this song justice, watch the video for yourself below to hear it and see what they are doing.  Then you will be hooked!

The folks over at the Huffington Post liked it so much they even decided to feature our local guys with an exclusive release in which they gave accolades to Blue Helix frontman, Sami Chofi‘s vocals. Check out what they had to say about him;

“Chohfi’s voice unleashes magnified awesomely immediate textures and visible tones that stab the atmosphere like lightning bolts. It’s a supercharged voice radiating eddies of actinic spangles of light. It’s definitely one of the best male rock voices around. The tiger growl he emanates is wickedly hazardous, and his scream is outrageously vehement.” -Randy Radic, Huffington Post.  

We certainly agree with his opinion and are thrilled they have discovered Blue Helix!

Blue Helix has been making music in our area since 2008 and are one of our local favorites.  Some of the guys hail from the South end as us locals call it, meaning more of the Tacoma metro area about 30-45 minutes south of Seattle, but specifically the town of Puyallup (yes that’s a tongue twister, pronounced: pew-all-up) and some from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Somehow they managed to find each other and forge a powerhouse of a rock band that makes great music, puts on a killer live show and they are artists that care a lot about the music scene and other artists.  So aside from being a group of supremely talented musicians, they are also a group of genuinely nice guys that give thought and consideration to not only their fans, but fellow musicians trying to make their way in the music business.  Something that we’d love to see more of throughout the music industry!

You can check out the full album ‘Anti-Social Butterfly’ on iTunes, Pandora, Soundcloud and Amazon.  Make sure to buy a copy (available for purchase via iTunes and Amazon) so these amazing artists get paid for their work!

Blue Helix is:
Sami Chohfi – Vocals
Arman Birang – Guitar
Marco Bicca – Drums
Brandon “Wolf” Gebhardt – Bass

Follow Blue Helix Online: Facebook / Website

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