New Video: Mile – Crying In Your Sleep

'The World in Focus' To Release January 19, 2018

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Song: Crying In Your Sleep
Genre: Metal/Hard Rock

Hey readers!  I have something new for you today from the band Mile out of Skövde, Sweden.  They just released their music video last week for their new single for “Crying In Your Sleep” and I absolutely love their new song! This band has a gritty, heavy and manic metal/hard rock sound. The video itself induced a bit panic just following the woman around in her manic state while listening to the tempo of the song! Seriously, this track has some really heavy bass tracking, some twin guitars going on, insane tempos coming from the drums all mixed in with crazy vocals from vocalist Masken.

I enjoyed the sound of Mile so much I had to share them with all of you. Not sure how I managed to miss this band until now? But one thing I am pretty sure about, I think you are going to really dig these guys!

Mile previously released their album ‘Lost’ in 2015.  You can check that album out here on Spotify to see where they started and where they are going with their upcoming release. By the sound of the new track and the last album, I suspect music fans are about to have their ears blown with the full new album! I recommend you download the single and check out the new album when it releases!

“The second album by the Swedish metal band Mile is planned to be released January 19th 2018 and will be called ‘The World in Focus’.


The band wants people to make their own interpretation of the album. However, the songs have a more thought through production and the lyrics are more about the world to a greater extent than before. What the cover for the album means is also in the eye of the beholder but one might think that the pupil represents the earth while the red “flicker” surrounding it stands for the world situation; and all of this is in the attention (eye) of the people. 


In February 2018, Mile will have Brazil in focus.”


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Mile is:
Masken – Vocals
Fredrik – Guitar/Backup vocals
Dave Wallberg – Guitar/Backup vocals
Niklas Tidholm – Bass
Dennis Kjellgren – Drums

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