Interview: Mass Murder Agenda’s Von Alf

Mass Murder Agenda
Mass Murder Agenda - Von Alf - Photo by Dave Bertram
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Mass Murder Agenda from Stockholm, Sweden has a new album out called ‘Vulturis’ on Machine Records. This Industrial Hardcore Metal band uses their music to express what is going on in the world all around us.  Their live shows and videos can be shocking to viewers because of the graphic content but is taken into a form of expression in their artistry.  If they scare you by their appearance, don’t shy away from listening to their music.  They have something to say that many of us can agree with or feel. Despite the fact they are named Mass Murder Agenda, they are not out to get you or anyone else either.

I’ve been following Mass Murder Agenda since 2013 when I came across their 2012 release ‘Bring the Violence’ after a trip to Sweden Rock Festival where I met many locals and discovered lots of local music.  The ongoing conversations I had with many of these newfound Swedish contacts led me to Mass Murder Agenda and I haven’t stopped listening to them since.

To be honest, at first listen and video viewing of tracks from ‘Bring the Violence’, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of their music, until I listened to it more and started understanding the context of each track.  The instrumental music, I got right away, but the lyrics, the message, the underlying content…. that I had to absorb and I did.

I was thrilled to hear the band had a new album coming out on November 4th, 2017.  The date came and went while I waited impatiently for the postal service to bring me my copy of ‘Vulturis’, then the glorious date arrived and I was able to pop the new cd in and take a full listen, then check out the artwork on the cd cover and the booklet with lyrics and photos.  To me, there will always be something special about getting to hold an actual copy of an artist’s new release and see what they put inside the sleeve for music fans to discover. It sort of sets the expectation of the musical experience you are about to have. ‘Vulturis’ does just that!

Everything about this album screamed to my conscience about the crap in the world that never makes sense and the music just took it all to a new level.  Dark, intense, powerful, and in your face.  The band captured the essence of where they left off in 2012 with ‘Bring the Violence’ but went heavier than the last release.  Music fans will get to escape into this new album and most will feel a connection to what they are listening to.  Our everyday world is shoved into an artistic expression surrounded by aggressive tempos, gnarly riffs, meaty bass, and angry vocals that will have fans want to release their pent-up aggression.  All of that in one album screams music therapy to me! Seriously gang,  you need to grab this new album!

I sat down this past weekend and chat with Von Alf (vocalist, also known as Tristan Agdler) about the album, the band, and what they want the fans to know about what they are doing.  It was an awesome candid chat about the band and who they really are and where they are headed.  Take a listen to our interview below, check out their last album ‘Bring the Violence’ that is linked below via Spotify.

Listen to the full interview below:

‘Vulturis’ is available now, but only in physical copies that you can order directly from their website and will be available digitally in early 2018, but I suggest the actual cd! So here we go fans, meet Mass Murder Agenda!

Mass Murder Agenda – Photo by Dave Bertram

Mass Murder Agenda is:

Von Alf – Vocals
Joakim Hedestedt – Bass
Martin Sundberg – Guitar
Henrik Blomqvist – Audio Warfare
Leo Colett – Drums

You can listen to ‘Bring the Violence’ now on Spotify.  Digital copies of ‘Vulturis’ will be available in early 2018.


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