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Support From: Fit For An Autopsy and While She Sleeps

Arch Enemy and Trivium
Arch Enemy
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Just after Thanksgiving metalheads were treated to a highly energetic show as the co-headline Arch Enemy and Trivium tour hit Seattle. On this tour the co-headliners had Fit For An Autopsy and While She Sleeps along on the tour.

First up for the evening was New Jersey’s Fit For An Autopsy. The band have been out on tour supporting their 2017 release ‘The Great Collapse’ out via eOne Music. The guys were last here this past summer on tour with Tombs. It was great to have them back in town. At this show, the guys came out fully charged and put on an intense and heavy set that had the crowd completely energized before their set was done. I highly recommend you tracking these guys down and checking out their music. When you get a chance to see them live, do not miss it! Killer set!

Second up for the night were While She Sleeps from Sheffield, England.

This band were totally insane on stage!!! What a show from While She Sleeps! If you’ve missed these guys, all I can say is you made a huge mistake that you need to rectify on their next tour in the States. From the minute they hit the stage their set was full mania and at one point during their set vocalist, Lawrence Taylor jumped of the stage and dived head first into the crowd where the fans gladly crowd surfed him while he continued singing then pushed him back over the barrier.

Soon to follow were fans surfing up and over the barrier, once they could escape the insane circle pit that is! This is a band you have to see live. I can’t wait to see them on a line up coming my way again! While She Sleeps is out on tour in support of their 2017 release ‘You Are We’ out via Sharptone Records. The next leg of the tour for these guys is Europe. European fans, get out there and support these guys on tour!

Onto the first of the co-headliners of the night, Trivium.

Trivium needs no introduction. These guys have been making great music for a long time now and have secured their place among the metal heavyweights. Trivium just released their outstanding new album ‘The Sin And The Sentence’ via Roadrunner Records, an album that has easily placed itself in my Top Ten Albums of 2017!

I was so impressed by the new release and was really excited to see some of the new tracks live and Trivium delivered! Fans had clearly been listening to the new album as well.  As each new song was performed fans were singing along word for word.  Another insane set as fans opened up another intense circle pit and were increasing in numbers up and over the barrier as they surfed over. Guys and gals alike… in massive numbers hit the pit and joined in surfing the crowd, the theme for the night! Get out and see Trivium!

Lastly, Sweden’s Arch Enemy!

Whilst not all Swedes in the group anymore, they still perform like a classic Swedish Metal band with the unique music they started out with and continue to create.  Fans were heavily riled up for this set! The lights dimmed and the drum kit was lit under a glowing gold lighting as fog began to flow across the stage, then the lighting transitioned to red as the stage darkened.  As Daniel Erlandsson was spotted stepping behind his drums with arms up and head down. Fans collectively lost it and began cheering as the feel of the venue went from anticipation to energy and aggression as the band joined him on stage. 

Lights began blasting in every direction and pulsing as Alissa White-Gluz started to command the audience with her notable growling vocals.  This powerhouse vocalist was full intensity as she moved across the stage.  She rarely stood still throughout the set and was constantly banging her head and made numerous jumps from the drum riser. Paired with her were her talented musical band mates who brought the show to a full energy draining level before it was all over with.  Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis dueled numerous times throughout the show, talk about amazing guitar players! 

I have had the great fortune to see Arch Enemy at a major festival in Sweden in the last few years and I have to say, the feel of the energy in Seattle was comparable to that festival energy I experienced.  There have been many metal shows through Seattle this past year, but I have to say that this entire show was one of the absolute highlights of all of the Seattle shows this year!  Arch Enemy has a new album out now via Century Media Records titled ‘Will To Power’, pick up your copy today! And for the fans, Arch Enemy is headed to Europe in January so get out and support them!

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