Album Review: Anti-Flag ‘American Fall’

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Album: American Fall
Label: Spinefarm Records
Genre: Rock/Punk
Release Date: November 3, 2017

Anti-Flag has never been a band to sit back and ignore what’s going on in the world around them.  They use their music to talk about the crap that’s going on that needs to be talked about, bringing issues to the forefront to get people talking about them.  What better way is there to bring things up that need to be brought up?  I say putting it to music and in their awesome music style is the one of the best ways to do it!

Fans of Anti-Flag need no explanation, but fans just coming to Anti-Flag that may not quite get it, this is what they do and it’s a way to bring the masses together and help give a voice to so many who feel outcast or alone in their thoughts.

The place we are currently in here in the USA, we have a lot of stuff that needs to be talked about and handled from politics, racial divide and injustices, violence, the economy, media that can’t seem to be unbiased and just tell us the facts without their person spin or agenda… We’ve all heard the term “Fake News”. So yea, that’s what the guys do and do extremely well, blend music with stuff that we need to address. If that’s not your thing, Anti-Flag is not going to settle well with you because they don’t simply walk away.

I loved everything on this album.  Hard hitting lyrics that people need to hear and great music.  Lots of meaty bass riffs throughout, raw vocals, explosive guitars that and lots of great tempo drumming. Anti-Flag did another genuine album in their style and their way.  I’ve always had a ton of respect for what these guys do and this album is another in long line of great releases.

Get out and buy American Fall’!  Listen to it intently to HEAR what they are saying and enjoy what they’ve done too!  Afterall, it’s music, but get what they are telling you.


01 American Attraction
02 The Criminals
03 When The Wall Falls
04 Trouble Follows Me
05 Finish What We Started
06 Liar
07 Digital Blackout
08 I Came. I Saw. I Believed.
09 Racists
10 Throw It Away
11 Casualty

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