Metal Church Drummer Stet Howland Diagnosed With Cancer, Go Fund Me Page Set Up to Help With Costs

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Metal Church drummer Stet Howland (also known for his work with WASP and Lita Ford) has been diagnosed with a lymphoma type of cancer. As many of you know, musicians are freelancers and having adequate medical coverage is usually not something many of them have.

I came across a Facebook post this evening from a friend who shared the call for help from fellow Metal Church band mate and friend Steve Unger to help raise money for Stet‘s medical fund. (I am sharing with Steve Unger’s permission). They are apparently looking at other fundraising efforts using other means, such as looking at to design cancer bands that could be for sale in the future to help with funds. He will need help covering the cost of his treatment which could be short or long term, he might also need help with the expenses associated with any counseling required, and in the worst-case scenario he could need palliative care from somewhere like this Hospice Cincinnati way which also comes at a cost. It’s examples like this that really shine a light on how important the option of crowdfunding can be. It’s been suggested that there has also been an insurance policy taken out with a company similar to these you can find at as an example, in order for his family and loved ones to receive financial support should Stet take a turn for the worse in the future. Luckily as of right now there are high hopes that the treatment will cure Stet once the money has been raised.

As a local Seattle resident and someone who grew up listening to Metal Church and as a huge music fan of other projects he’s worked with through the years, this cuts to the core. We’ve covered Metal Church a few times in the last year and half and most recently at Sweden Rock Festival this past summer where they completely kicked ass. So to see this being the outcome of such an awesome tour, I had to speak up and put the word out out to all of you.

I obtained more details from the Go Fund Me Page. Here is what the Go Fund Me Page states about Stet Howland‘s need for help.

“My fellow Drummer and great friend of many years Stet Howland is now in the fight of his life with a Lymphoma type Cancer.

Many of you know Stet Howland from Concerts and Recordings throughout his career as a pro level Drummer/Musician with the Rock/Metal group “WASP”,”Lita Ford” and many others. Always a Hard working, In demand Professional, He was Instrumental in helping Create the well recieved Rock Show “One Epic Night”in 2016 at the Famous Plaza Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. Shortly after He was asked to Join Heavy Rock Icons “Metal Church” this year on their 2017 Tour supporting their 11th Studio Album.

As Hard as they rocked all over Scandinavia and Europe, playing Major Festivals and shows with “Megadeth” and many Other Top Bands,Stet suffered unexplained fatigue and pain. Upon returning from the Tour He sought help at a New England Hospital and found his way to specialists who, after exhaustive testing, diagnosed him with Lymphoma. An Agressive but treatable blood type cancer.He is also one of the many people (especially Musicians) who has no Health Care Insurance.
The Cost of these treatments is a staggering amount and I ask you to join me and all the people around the world who Love Stet Howland to contribute what you can. Be it $20,$50,$100, really any amount you can comfortably pledge to Help my Friend continue His treatment with His Doctors and Beat This Cancer! He will be treated by a Team of Doctors and Nurses in Providence ,R.I. who have established and already begun a Chemotherapy/Radiation Combination to Beat This Evil.

I remind everyone of the Love and Joy Stet has given and the many Charities He has performed at to benefit others in need. This is the Man That I have known for many years and I know he needs to finish this costly treatment and return to the Love of his life, his awesome Fiance’ Hiedi, His Mom who loves him dearly, His Dog Angel and of course, His “Metal Church” Bandmates and friends and Family, The Healthy,Strong Individual we have always known him to be. I could go on forever about the People and Musicians he has helped with their Lives or careers and many who just know him as friend they Love…this is the Stet Howland who needs your Help. I have spoken daily with my friend and as a proud Man, who is the one others have always relied upon, we now need to step up and show Stet Howland the Love and help He needs.At the very least ,please forward this to as many friends as you can. We will make sure updates About Stet continue….
Sincerely, David J. Moore”

If you can help in this time of need with any type of donation, small or large, please visit the Go Fund Me Page for Stet‘s medical fund here:

Let’s all rally around Stet and the Metal Church family now and show our support. Thank you music fans!!!

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