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Review by Eric Pefley

Sound Storm
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Sound Storm is a symphonic power metal band out of Torino, Italy. Vertigo is their 6th release and this veteran band really brings it on this album. Vertigo has everything on it that you could possibly imagine on a metal album. Strong male symphonic vocals, growling vocals, great lead guitars, choir vocals and even some cello. It is basically a festival for the ears there is so much to hear.

On my first listen the song “Original Sin” is an absolute masterpiece. The arrangements are impeccable and the whole song has a very incredible atmosphere to it. I must admit to being a huge symphonic metal fan, but have not come across Sound Storm before. It is not often an album on its first listen really impresses me, but Vertigo certainly did.

“The Dragon Fly” is another song that really draws you in with its fast pace to start, a great chorus and the song has a great feel of a song moving forward to a grand conclusion. This whole album stands out as something you have not heard before which is hard in today’s music world. When ever you listen to something that feels truly original it is a treat.

The guitar work in “Spiral” is really well done and is another song that feels like it is several songs in one. The amazing this is, it all works together to create one great song. You will find that a lot through the whole album. Several songs feel like multiple songs in one song, but it really works in a way that is quite surprising and impressive.

I would highly recommend this album to anyone that is a fan of symphonic metal and it is certainly worth a listen if you like power metal. There has something for everyone. The band has a lot of videos on You Tube, so it is very easy to check this band out. The videos are also well done. You can really tell this is a veteran set up with a lot to offer. Each song has a story to tell and they are all very well written.

Track Listing:
1. Vertigo
2. The Dragonfly
3. Metamorphosis
4. Forsaken
5. Original Sin
6. The Ocean
7. Spiral
8. Gemini
9. Alice
10. The Last Breath

Album Band Line Up:
Fabio Privitera (Vocals)
Valerio Sbriglione (Lead Guitar)
Massimiliano Flak (Bass)
Elena Crolle (Keyboards)
Sascha Blackice (Rhythm Guitar)
Alessandro Bissa (Drums)

Sound Storm
Album: Vertigo
Label: Rockshots Records
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release: October 13, 2017

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