Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan Team Up on Grits and Glamour Tour

September 23, 2017

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Country greats Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan brought their Grits and Glamour tour to the Tulalip Casino for a night of hit songs and stories.

Before the show the ladies had a meet and greet with fans and after the show they stuck around to sign autographs and chatted with any and all fans who wanted to come through their autograph line.

This kind of show is one that I have grown very fond of.  Like with the last Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers tours that came through our area, the Grits and Glamour tour was an infusion of music and story telling.  Fans who’ve long loved and admired these artists were treated to background stories about their songs, personal lives and music as a whole.  The evening was more of a blend of music, where some songs were done fully and others were only done partly as they transitioned in and out of conversations about the music.

The stage setting was stripped down and simplistic with a blue and purple lit backdrop, instruments and stools sat across the stage and a single vase of red long-stemmed roses set front and center between Pam and Lorrie’s seats.  The ladies sat for part of the show while playing acoustic glittery guitars and walked around the stage to interact while performing for the other part.

Fans sat intently to catch every moment of the show, shouted out in agreement during conversations, laughed loudly at some points and some even got up and danced for a few songs.

What a beautiful setting for a night of magical country music between two artists who are clearly great friends.  If this tour comes your way, it’s special, so make a point to go see their performance.

Come See Me and Come Lonely (album due out in november)
Except For Monday
Watch Me
Shake the Sugar Tree
Queen of Denial
Picture of Me Without You (George Jones cover)
I Said a Prayer For You Baby (a short chorus from a fan’s request)
I Know What You Did Last Night
Candy Kisses Wrapped In Paper
Guess You Had To Be There
Let That Pony Run
Spilled Perfume
Don’t Close Your Eyes
What Part of No Don’t You Understand
Don’t Tell Me What Do
All the Good Ones Are Gone
Done Enough Dying Today
Mi Vida Loca
Maybe It Was Memphis
Something in Red
Country Boy (Albert Lee cover, formatted lyrics to Country Girl)

You can find full show photo galleries on our Facebook Page.
Review and Photos by Diane Webb

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