Loverboy and Survivor Perform at Everett’s Angel of the Winds Arena, With a Few Twists

September 22, 2017

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Loverboy and Survivor made a stop in Everett, WA at the Angel of the Winds Arena Friday night. What was expected to be a great evening of rock n’ roll turned out to hold an unexpected yet interesting twist.

Survivor hit the stage at 7:30 pm. Whilst not the same edition of Survivor many of us know or grew up listening to due to member changes along the way, the band came out ready to rock the crowd. The guys looked and sounded great. Survivor performed many of their hit songs that had fans instantly singing along. The notable highlights on their setlist were “High On You”, “The Search is Over”, “I Can’t Hold Back” and “Eye of the Tiger.” Fans enjoyed a great kick-off to an evening of nostalgic rock.

After a brief intermission and stage reset, Loverboy hit the stage ready to rock the arena. Fans were immediately up on their feet rocking out with the band. It appeared by the second song of the evening that something wasn’t quite right with vocalist Mike Reno. He seemed to be struggling to perform. By the end of their third song, Mike Reno announced he couldn’t continue singing due to being ill and the strain it had put on his vocals. This brought a bit of confusion and chaos to the stage and the arena while they were figuring out how to handle the rest of the evening. Some fans were booing and chanting refund, while other fans were wondering what the rest of the evening would entail.

Cancel or continue? Well here is where the show got even more interesting, the rest of the band was energized and ready to rock out so they asked if anyone in the audience knew the words to Loverboy‘s songs and wanted to join them on stage to sing with the band. The crowd erupted. Fans in every direction were trying to get the band’s attention, but two audience members, in particular, caught their attention and they invited them to come up to the stage, but only one joined them after his buddy boosted him up onto the stage. No one knew what was about to be unleashed upon the audience. The music for “Turn Me Loose” started playing and the audience all stood silently almost as if holding their breath, then as the vocals started the crowd erupted with massive cheers as the audience member blew them away by completely nailing the vocals to “Turn Me Loose.” Even the guys in the band looked a bit shocked as he was singing. It’s like one of those moments you see in a movie that you say to yourself, “That would never happen in real life!”, but it did and it was amazing!

Check out his performance yourself! My cellphone grabbed this, not the best video, but listen to the music, amazing!

The rest of the evening followed suit with an additional audience member joining the stage to sing a couple of songs, who is also a personal friend of Mike Reno‘s who came out for the show. Mike jokingly told the audience, “I know he knows the words, he’s a friend of mine”. His friend wasn’t as big of a hit as the first who joined the stage, so the band brought him back out to help on vocals the remainder of the show in what turned from a Loverboy show to more of a Loverboy karaoke show. Mike Reno joined the band back on stage and did some minor backup vocals throughout the show along with a female singer, Cathy St Germain who was with the band. All in all, it was a completely entertaining and odd twist that allowed the audience to become a real part of their show. It wasn’t what anyone expected, but they made it work and I applaud them for persevering with the evening, especially given that Survivor had already performed their complete set. It’s rock n’ roll and the show went on!

Sadly, Loverboy had to fully cancel their show in Wenatchee the night after the Everett show due to Mike‘s illness. We are all hoping he’s feeling better.

I tracked down the mystery vocalist after the show to get his take on what unfolded during the Loverboy show. It turns out that the audience member, Steve Fournier, also happens to be the vocalist for a local Foreigner tribute band called Fever103. Here’s what he had to say:

“My friend Colin was yelling my name and pointing to me. Saying this is the guy. And then grabbed me and pushed me onto the stage. At this time in my mind I just thought ok let’s do this!!! As far as what was going through my mind. It was just a blur and I figured hopefully I won’t get booted off the stage for sucking! Lol! It was such an amazing honor to be on stage with an iconic band such as them. Growing up listening to all those hits. Incredibly surreal!”

“My background comes from me being a drummer for over 30 years. I have not been singing all my life it always has been a passion. I have toured the United States and Europe. Playing in many metal bands. My currents bands are my original band The Janitors of Chaos, which are coming out with a new record. And we are opening for Tony MacAlpine on October 21st. The tribute bands I am in are Whiskey River(Lynyrd Skynyrd) I drum for that band. And my tribute I started (Fever103) tribute to Foreigner which I am the lead vocalist. I currently teach at the Seattle Drum School in Georgetown. I can not tell you what an amazing experience this was for me. I am deeply grateful and humbled to have this opportunity. Since the show the response on Facebook has been overwhelming!”

If you are local to Seattle, Fever103 has a show on October 8th at the Tulalip Resort and Casino, go check these guys out and meet the man who helped save the Loverboy show on Friday night! What an interesting evening out with a really cool ending.

Loverboy will be back out on the road again in 2018, keep an eye on their tour schedule and catch them live. We are certainly hoping to see a tour date for Seattle in 2018 with Mike feeling 100%. Until then folks, keep “Working for the Weekend”!

Review and Photos by Diane Webb Photography

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