Seattle Artist Spotlight: In Aisle Eight

In Aisle Eight
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Meet the Seattle area band In Aisle Eight.  These young guys come from just north of Seattle in Snohomish County and are making their music, their way.  Their sound is hard to coin as one specific genre, it’s more of a fusion of multiple genres that cross rock, rap, blues and whatever they decide to throw into the mix.

In Aisle Eight released their first self titled album on April 12, 2017 and recently had their first official show at Everett’s Anchor Pub.  There was a huge turn out for this show, a strong showing of support from many friends, family and fans.  At the show they managed to gather a bunch of new fans who were there for other bands on the lineup but found themselves surprised to discover this new band.

I put together an interview with the band In Aisle Eight to chat with them so you can have the opportunity to get to know who they are. I’ve linked their music and some show photos from their gig below as well.  We all have to support our locals and help people find them.

Part of what we do on our site is cover the local musicians. Being that I am from Seattle, I share our local musicians so that our readers from around the world can also discover them.  Our writers from other parts will also bring you some local flavor as well. We all have a part in keeping music alive and remember, the mega bands we all listen to started out as someone’s local band. For me I can give you the examples of a few from Seattle you may know of… Alice N’ Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Heart, Jimi Hendrix and Macklemore are just a few of the local Seattle flavor that were our locals before they were world-wide famous musicians.  Support your local scene!

I’d love to know who the locals are that you listen to where you are, whether you live here in Seattle as I do or other parts of the world.  Head over to our Facebook page and chime in, let’s get the conversation started and keep it going and help these musicians get the word out about their music.

Onto In Aisle Eight‘s music, interview and photos.

This first song is an intense rap rock tune.  Check it out, then check out the next song below to see the versatility in their sound.

This track is more along the lines of mellow yet funky vibe, reminiscent of 311’s slower tunes.

Interview with In Aisle Eight. As you will find, they don’t take life super seriously, we had a lot of fun with this interview, even swapping seats to confuse the crowd. (Photo is missing their bass player, he was not able to attend the interview)


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