Album Review: Midnite Hellion “Condemned To Hell”

Out September 15th via Witches Brew Records

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Midnite Hellion
Album: Condemned To Hell
Label: Witches Brew
Genre: Heavy Metal/Thrash
Release Date: September 15, 2017

Midnite Hellion has done a great job releasing a classic thrash metal album. This album holds all of the elements of the early thrash day fans still crave today. Aside from the thrash sound there’s also an element of punk you will hear in this album.

The album is raw, it’s gritty and has good vocals. The music is basic thrash style. It’s not over mixed and it still holds that desirable sound like it’s being played in the garage or a practice studio.

The first two songs were moderate tempo, good trash tunes. By the third song “Cross the Line” I could envision this band stirring up the fans at a live show into a massive pit. The drums go manic with a piston precision, the guitars and bass follow suit with manic tempos. Then as the vocals start you instantly become fully hooked into this album, that is if you weren’t already.

Then intensity doesn’t stop with the third track, it continues through the remaining 6 killer thrash songs on the rest of this 9 track album.

What great music coming from these guys from New Jersey. This is classic northeast thrash metal. If you’re looking to add something that’s authentic and brings in the old-school feel, this is the album you want to pick up.

This album is out today through Witches Brew Records. Get out there and grab a copy and take it for a full spin. I think you’re really going to enjoy this one.

Track Listing
1. Black and White
2. Death Dealer
3. Cross the Line
4. Enter the Nightmare
5. Soldiers of Hades
6. The Fever
7. Rip it Up
8. The Morrigan
9. Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos

Drew Rizzo – Drums
Rich Kubik – Bass/Vocals
Mario DiBartolo – Live Guitars

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