Kenny Loggins Brought the “Danger Zone” to the Evergreen State Fair

Review and Photos by Eric Pefley

Kenny Loggins
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On Thursday night at the Evergreen State Fair I had the honor of seeing Kenny Loggins in concert. Kenny Loggins was born in Everett, WA and even though he did not live there long, the large crowd treated him as one of their own.

Kenny Loggins started out as a songwriter in 1970. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was just one of the many bands to have recorded a number of his songs.  In 1972 Kenny Loggins teamed up with Jim Messina to form Loggins & Messina. They performed together until 1977.  Together they sold 16 million albums and made one of the great music duos of the 1970’s. After they broke up Kenny Loggins worked on a couple separate projects before launching a very successful solo career.  He specialized in writing hit soundtracks like “Danger Zone” for Top Gun and “Footloose” for the movie Footloose.

As we all settled into our seats the concert started as an acoustical show.  Kenny Loggins launched into “Danny’s Song”, one of Loggins & Messinas biggest hits. It gave me goosebumps how great he sounded, his voice in perfect harmony.  After that it was “Return To Pooh Corner” which drew the ire of Disney because of  the rights they own to Winnie The Pooh.  Luckily he was dating a CEO’s daughter who worked at Disney and got them to look the other way.  It allowed him not to be sued by Disney for writing and recording the song.  It made for a great story during the set.  Another Loggins and Messina classic that brought the crowd to their feet was “Angry Eyes”.

When the electric guitar came out the show started to rock.  He launched into “I”m Alright” from the movie Caddy Shack and the place was alive.  As the first encore started, we took a ride into the “Danger Zone” and then we cut loose with “Footloose”. The second encore featured another great song from Loggins & Messina, “Your Mama Don’t Dance”.  

Between Loggins and Messina, his solo career and movie soundtracks the hits just kept coming all night.  The crowd cheered loudly during the biggest hits and were dancing in the isles in some cases. When he got to the big movie soundtrack songs most of the crowd sang along.  I had a huge urge to rush home and watch Top Gun after hearing “Danger Zone”.  Sometimes a concert can sneak up and surprise you and this once certainly did for me.  I have always liked Kenny Loggins, but had forgotten how many great songs he has had throughout his career.  I am sure everyone that attended the show will be remembering it for a long time and tapping their feet every time they see Footloose, Caddy Shack or Top Gun on TV.

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