Trace Adkins Wraps Up The Evergreen State Fair Concert Series 2017

Trace Adkins
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Trace Adkins has long been a country music staple. His 20+ years of country hits have stood the test of time and his new releases have garnered love from his fans and attracted many new fans along the way. He released his latest album Something’s Going On back in March of 2017 and it’s another solid country album with songs that appeal to his fans.

Trace Adkins made a stop in the Seattle area Friday night to close out the concert series at this year’s Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, WA. Friday night was also military appreciation night and Trace Adkins has been a very vocal supporter of our troops for a very long time. He started his show out thanking the troops for their service. A few songs in and one fan approached the railing in front of the stage between songs and threw Army challenge coin toward Trace. For those who do not know what a challenge coin looks like, it’s a little bigger than a silver dollar and quite a bit heavier. People quite often make custom military challenge coins for every member of their unit as a way to show what they’ve gone through together. The coin was flung with such force it breezed by Trace, missing directly hitting his face and fans could hear a loud clinking sound as it hit the floor. Trace‘s bass player picked it up and handed it to him. He turned and thanked the veteran for his service and then said, “we need a better delivery system, its a good thing you’re not a good shot” (joking tone), the audience erupted with loud laughter. Trace continued on to his next song.

Throughout his performance he was swinging his hips, gyrating and moving to the music. His masculine sex appeal was clearly and loudly approved by the many cheering fans. If there is something Trace is well known for, it’s his sexy music and lyrics often talking about physical attractions. So fans knew what they were in for. During the show fans were mostly seated, many with arms wrapped around their accompanying sweetie. There was a lot of toe tapping and fans moving in their seats. I spotted very few cell phones above fans heads, fans were truly immersed and enjoying the show.

The music was full of all things that make Trace‘s sound so great. Demanding guitars that were ripping wild riffs and rhythms. The slide of of a steel guitar and at times there were 3 guitars being played along with bass, keys, back up vocals, and drums. The back drop was steampunk metal cog backdrop and the light show was really unexpected for a country show, but then again it was a Trace Adkins show and that mean’t expect a great show. Trace‘s vocals were top notch with many deep and low baritone drops that made the women cheer. His band is also full of great musicians who performed and sang along side him making the show even better.

They played many crowd pleasing hits during the show. Hits like: “Hot Mama”, “(This Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing”, plus a few new songs, “Watered Down”, “I’m Gone”, and “Something’s Going On”, then Trace mentioned that the song “Something’s Going On” is his own mamas least favorite song on the new album. He said she told him he needs to explain the meaning of the song to his girls and he laughed as he said, “oh I’ll let you do it mama.”

The song that got most of the fans up on their feet for the night was “Hot Mama”. Fans were up singing along as Trace slowly paused with a teasing face before singing the lyric, you wanna? That had fans cheering even more. Then the steel guitar slides began to wane as Trace grabbed his acoustic guitar leading into “Every Light in the House”. Fans were singing along all throughout the venue during this song.

Trace paused the show and had a member of his crew take a photo for his Twitter and told fans to retweet with #tracemonroe during the show to win a tour short. Trace then appealed to the audience to make donations to the Red Cross to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Then said, “I have your picture and if you don’t donate I will hunt you down.” Then said, “and if you donate a lot I will hunt you down and give you a big kiss”, to the cheer of many fans then pointed to one man and said jokingly, “well except you.” Then went into playing “There’s a Girl in Texas”.

Just before the last few songs of the night Trace was joking about the arrangement of the song they were going into sounding like a stripper song saying that his drummer, Johnny, had started his new girlfriend who’s a “dancer” so they changed the arrangement of the song. Then the band went into the song “I Left Something Turned on at Home” followed by “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk”. The band said good evening, and exited the stage briefly then came back to perform their encore song “Ride”.

Trace Adkins was the perfect performer to close out this years concert series. He’s always such a fun and genuine entertainer who makes his fans feel like part of the show as he also let’s them all know how much he appreciates them for showing up and for the many years of support of his music. If you’ve never seen Trace Adkins do a live show before, you need to add this to your show list. The year’s have only made him even better live, so get out and support him and make sure to pick up a copy of his new album Something’s Going On.

Review/Photos by: Diane Webb Photography

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