Huey Lewis & The News Takes Us Back In Time

Review and Photos by Eric Pefley

Huey Lewis
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Another beautiful northwest evening greeted a sold out crowd as they filed into the Tulalip Amphitheatre to see Huey Lewis & The News.  It promised to be a great night filled with many years of hit songs.  Huey Lewis started his musical career in San Francisco in the early 1970’s.  In 1980 with his band complete they released their first self-titled album Huey Lewis & The News.  With the birth of MTV, some very catchy rock music and a ton of radio air play they went on to have 19 top ten singles and sell over 30 million albums world wide.  Their 1983 release Sport sold over 7 million copies on its own.

If you have never been to a Huey Lewis concert there is not a ton of flair when it comes to lighting, pyrotechnics, fog machines or anything like that.  It is straight forward rock n roll.  What you do get is a great band with so much talent it is amazing to hear.  Besides Huey Lewis on vocals, you get guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and a four member brass section that sounds amazing.  I really enjoy rock music that includes brass instruments.  It really enriches the sound of the band.  Huey Lewis also does a great job playing harmonica from time to time during the show.  I have seen Huey Lewis a few time and it is a treat for the ears.

Saturday night would be no different.  Even at 67 years of age, Huey Lewis still sounds great.  He had the crowd singing along to their biggest hits like “Power of Love”, “The Heart of Rock N Roll”, “I Want a New Drug” and “Heart and Soul”.  The show quickly became a giant party.  People crowded the front of the stage and were dancing and singing along to all the hits.  The band also played a couple songs from a new album they are planning on releasing in the next few months.  I think the band fed off the energy of the crowd that was very impressive.  Everyone was having a great time.  Security allowed them to move around the venue freely with their drinks, dance, sing and just enjoy the atmosphere.  It is safe to say everyone had a fun evening and will be looking forward to the next time Huey Lewis comes back to play in this area.  I know I will be there.

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