Vulture – The Guillotine | Album Review

Album Releases August 25th Via AFM Records

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Album: The Guillotine
Label: High Roller Records
Released Date: August 25, 2017
Genre: Metal-Heavy-Thrash

Vulture‘s The Guillotine is a heavy metal album written in the late to mid to late 80s style. It slips in between the classic Iron Maiden kind of metal to really fast and furious speed metal. Anyone longing for a true classic metal album today will love this album.

The intro the album is instrumental and it starts with what I can best describe as being what you would expect to hear on a score from a Sci-Fi B-movie. It then leads into a classic heavy metal song.

From the beginning of the album the vocals are a classic high-pitched metal. Many of the songs have dueling guitars. As you reach “Adrian’s Cradle” you’re going to enter into another one of those weird eerily instrumental intros but this time it’s something more along the lines of really bad carnival music as it leads into fast and furious speed metal song.

I actually stopped at “(This Nightmare Belongs) To The Dead” to look to see what the name of the song was it said to myself this is a great metal album. The vocals throughout the sixth track have some cool demonic laughs that sound so evil. Again, this is a classic metal album.

To the readers out there who love metal music, this entire album is solid all the way through. It’s well written, has that classically mixed metal sound and gives you that intense feeling of needing to scream and bang your head to the music. The Guillotine had me reminiscing back to my early days of metal discovery. This album just brings the essence of the same feeling and sound of old school metal.

L. Steeler – Vocals
M. Outlaw – Guitars
S. Genozider – Guitars & Drums
A. Axetinctor – Bass

01. Vendetta
02. Clashing Iron
03. Triumph of The Guillotine
04. Electric Ecstacy
05. Adrian’s Cradle
06. (This Nightmare Belongs) To The Dead
07. Paraphiliac
08. Cry For the Dead

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