Blindwish – Good Excuses | Album Review

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Album: Good Excuses
Label: Rise Records
Release Date: 1 September 2017

I recently had one of Blindwish‘s singles cross my path and it completely blew me away and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the full release of Good Excuses to review.  Check out my initial opinion of “Single Word”, review here. Well, I have had my hands on a copy of this album for the last few days and I have to say for a relatively new band, just formed in 2016, to write, record and put out a first release of such high caliber is pretty mind blowing.  There are not a ton of releases recently that have completely caught my attention like Good Excuses has.

If you’re a fan of bands like Taking Back SundayI PrevailPierce the VeilAll American RejectsFall Out BoyMy Chemical RomanceA Day to Remember and bands along those lines, you need to take a listen to Blindwish. They will quickly become one of your new favorite groups.

The band has managed to capture a familiar yet unique rock sound but they also have a vulnerability in their music that fans can relate to.  I enjoyed the clean vocals and harmonies in the vocal stylings, but they also have moments of grit and intensity that lift the music just at the right moment.  The instrumental music itself is very well written. No two songs sound too much alike so while it’s one complete album each song stand on its own but still manage to complement each other as well as show the different stylings the band has in their writing.

Blindwish is band that will manage to capture audiences of many different age groups. The appeal of their music will easily cross over genre boundaries to attract fans from both heavier rock genres as well as fans from more of a pop rock style of music. I can honestly say I believe this album will be in my top 10 albums of 2017. To me this album is just completely enjoyable from the beginning to the very end.  There are no throw away songs on this album. Every song has its place in perfect order on this album.

If you were looking for something new I highly recommend Blindwish Good Excuses. This will be an album that you want to keep in your rotation and will get to enjoy for quite some time.

Tracklist Blindwish Good Excuses:
01. After Midnight
02. Bittersweet
03. Single Word
04. Cold Shoulders
05. Down
06. They’re Not Real
07. Infected
08. Tied In Nots
09. The Maze
10. Echo

Blindwish is:
Vocals – Zackary David
Guitar – Billy Barber
Guitar – Dakota Dufloth
Bass – Kendrick Nicholson
Drums – Garrett Grothe

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