September Mourning Brings Impressive Visuals for Show at Studio Seven

Review and Photos by Eric Pefley

September Mourning
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Having never seen September Mourning before I had no idea what to expect.  I had read a few things online and watched some YouTube videos, but still did not quite have a total understanding of what was about to unfold.  If you do not know anything about September Mourning, let me give you a little bit of a quick back ground.  The project is about a human-grim reaper hybrid named September (Lazar the lead singer), that is stuck between the world of the living and the dead.  Her human side can choose to give people a second chance if she so desires.  This story is told in several different ways, including music, comic books, and live concerts.

Obviously tonight we were seeing the live concert version.  Since the show was at Studio Seven, space was at a premium.  That being said, they were able to put out a projector with a screen, several stage props and fit a four-person band in the middle of it all.  Add some fog machines and quite a light show and you have an impressive set up for a smaller club.  Before and after each song a video would play with narration to help tell a piece of the story that went with each song.  It was very interesting.

For the concert and the music itself, I really enjoyed it.  There was so much going on, you really had to pay close attention to it all, but it was worth it.  The band was tight, the music was hard rock to metal with a female lead singer who is very talented.  Some of the songs that really stood out for me were “Eye of the Storm”, “20 Below” and “Skin and Bones”.  When it was all over I think everyone had been quite entertained.  I would definitely recommend seeing them live if you get the chance.

I will be seeing September Mourning again in October when I am in Dallas photographing the XandriaKobra and the Lotus and September Mourning concert.  That should be quite a triple bill and a show I am really looking forward to.

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