American Wrecking Company Streaming Title Track from ‘Everything and Nothing’

"Everything and Nothing" Release Date, August 18th

American Wrecking Company
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Washington’s AMERICAN WRECKING COMPANY are streaming the title track from forthcoming Pavement Entertainment album Everything and Nothing.

American Wrecking Company is a fusion of many influences from Metal, Punk, Rock and everything in between. The camaraderie and mutual love for making music, AWC lays down infectious rhythms, choruses and face-pounding verses. The music combined with a stage presence seldom matched, American Wrecking Company leaves fans with an insatiable appetite for more.

The band is comprised of founder Jeff Bloomfield, who is endorsed by Spector and considered one of the “heaviest bassists” around. Randy Bebich (rhythm guitar) and Ben Reynard (rhythm & lead) are both endorsed by DBZ Guitars and Diamond Amps. The duo is known for their highly creative approach and excellent twin-guitar attack. Drummer Dylan Hickey brings an intense and positive energy to the mix. Vocalist T.J. Cornelius rounds out the lineup with a voice that calls upon the legends of metal who came before him.

The band has opened shows for Hatebreed, Fear Factory, Motorgrater, Act of Defiance and Mushroomhead; and has toured extensively across the western portion of the U.S.

American Wrecking Company is a machine that delivers an entertaining and “can’t be missed” live performance.

Everything and Nothing Tracklisting:
01.  Everything and Nothing
02.  From Grace
03.  I Wont’s Listen
04.  Health For Wealth
05.  The Burning
06.  Purge
07.  Enemy
08.  Beautiful Life
09.  Mad By Design
10.  Day of Shame

American Wrecking Company is:
TJ Cornelius – Vocals
Randy Bebich – Guitar
Ben Reynard – Guitar
Jeff Bloomfield – Bass Guitar
Dylan Hickey – Drums


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