Wednesday 13 Puts Condolences Tour to Rest in Seattle

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If there is one thing I have learned from seeing Wednesday 13 perform numerous times over the years, it is that Wednesday 13 shows are never lacking in theatrics, great music and fans that fill the venues with a great vibe for the night.

This past Sunday evening, Wednesday 13 wrapped up the final leg of the 2017 Condolences tour at Studio 7 in Seattle, WA.  Along for the fun was Las Vegas metal band Invidia and local support from Prey the Hunter.

Condolences was released on June 2, 2017 via the label Nuclear Blast Records and is packed full of insanely great music that is set to please fans of dark, horror, gothic, punk/hard rock. Set the music from this album to a live show with all the theatrics and talent of the musicians in the band led by front man Wednesday 13 himself and you are in for one hell of a ride for the night!

The evening started off with Seattle locals Prey the Hunter.  I’d never seen these guys before Sunday night, but they really good.  Heavy sounding, command of the stage and just a great warm up for the night.  If you are in Seattle, get out and support these guys, if you aren’t in Seattle hit their socials and check them out, I think this is a new band you’d want to hear.

Second it the lineup, Invidia.  These guys came to shred our faces off with their heavy rock sound!  Tons of fun yet aggressive energy throughout their set.  These guys were so good live!  Invidia released their album As the Sun Sleeps on March 31, 2017.  I heard bits of old school Saliva and Limp Bizkit influences in a few songs as well as other bands some of these guys have come from, all set to their own sound of waning guitars with killer rifs and a mix of clean and growling vocals.  Take it for a spin, it’s got some great stuff on it!  These guys are on a break but will be back out touring through September with Overkill and Crowbar, so get out and see them!

The main event for the night was definitely Wednesday 13 coming to preach their condolences to the fans.  Throughout the set there were many costume changes, lots of dark and heavy music pounding through the venue and the fans were loving every minute of it.

There are some bands that just make you sit back and watch the full show without wanting to look a way for even a moment for fear of missing something and this is one of them.  There’s just something completely pleasing about the way they manage to put on a full show that’s enjoyable from the very first note to the last.  I think the mixture of great music, great vocals, killer stage lighting and the forethought to making the set a real show, you know… something that is a full experience, is something that is missing in many live performances today.  When I go to a show, I want it to be over the top entertaining.  I want these artists to completely blow my mind so it’s a night I will never forget.  This is the magic that Wednesday 13 encompasses.  Every show I’ve seen them in is always a little familiar to the last one, but with new elements and new aspects to keep me interested in what they are doing.  So much the same with their music, each new release has that familiar feel to it, but holds something new to escape into.

If your idea live music is to get truly entertained and to be truly immersed into the evening, these are the guys that will fulfill those desires for you.  I’ve yet to ever see a bad performance from Wednesday 13 and I am always looking forward to the next show and the next album. Wednesday 13, in my humble opinion, is one of the most highly underrated artists making music today, but one of the most entertaining.  If you’re not listening to Wednesday 13 or never heard the name before, do yourselves a favor and start listening, today!  Bands like these need our support.  We need to be out there buying their music and going to their live shows so they keep making music and keep touring.  So get out there and get their music and keep an eye on their socials for future show dates!

Show photos!!  Enjoy some live photos, the full photo album can be found on our Facebook Page in our photo section along with photos from many other shows including past Wednesday 13 shows.  Head over and check them all out and if you like what we are doing give us a like to see future content.

Photos by: Diane Webb

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