Adrenaline Mob and The Wild Brought the Rock to Everett

Adrenaline Mob
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The weekend before the 4th of July came to Seattle with stiff live music competition.  There were at least 6 serious shows in town and fans fighting themselves to decide on which show see, whilst many others had already made plans to escape the area all together for an extra long weekend.  For me, the choice was simple… I was heading out to Tony V’s Garage in Everett, WA to catch two bands I really enjoy, New Jersey’s Adrenaline Mob and Canada’s self proclaimed, tried and true party rockers…. The Wild.

Local support for the evening were two Seattle area bands.  First up were Pagan County Rebels from Seattle.  These guys started the evening warm up with a great rock show.  I hadn’t run into this band before so it was a great way to discover them by seeing them live.  They have a nice sound, I highly recommend that you check these guys out.

Second for the night was Tacoma’s Antihero.  I’ve heard about these guys a bit throughout the local scene, but this was my first chance to catch them in a live performance.  Gotta say, they were pretty good!  Lots of energy up on stage and frontman Tim Silvers knew exactly how to command the crowd.  Of course…that Louie Galarza on bass……. He’s been known to the Seattle/Tacoma music scene for sometime as a former live music venue owner (Louie G’s, which is still very much alive today).  Good to see him out making the music he’s spent much of his life out supporting and making happen.  This band was full of showmanship… from spraying water across the stage to the signature burst of fire from the drums, Antihero did not disappoint.  Catch these guys if you want a fun show!

Now onto the national/international tour…. starting off with The Wild!  Let me just tell you, I met these guys last year while they were on tour with Airbourne and I haven’t stopped listening to them since!  These guys are the real deal.  A fun and rowdy group of guys making really cool rock n roll music.  What these guys bring to a love show is a full party.  They are out to have a great time and to entertain music fans where ever they end up.  These guys are super down to earth and took time chatting with their fans and even during the show stopped to point out some long time fans that came from far distances to catch their show here.   We did miss Boozus on this tour date, mother nature got in the way of him joining us here, but the guys had a wild card the aptly bearded bassist named Johnny who helped blast the music out for the night.  If you want to have a really great night out, you have to catch The Wild, it is a sure bet for one hell of a night!  Can’t wait for the guys to come back our way again.

Last up for the night, funky rock n roller’s Adrenaline Mob.  Now talk about a way to build up the night then end it.  There wasn’t a bad band on the line up and the excitement just kept building and the fans were just ready to rock it out as Adrenaline Mob hit the stage.  Even Tony V himself hit the main floor a few times through out the night to enjoy this line up.  These NJ boys just destroyed the remaining energy any fan had left.  They played a long set and the fans enjoyed every minute of it.  If you haven’t see these guys before, make a point to do it.  You will have one hell of a time!

The tour is still in progress with about two weeks left as they head across the southern USA and back up the east coast to New Jersey so if you can make it to see them, do it!

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