Morbid Angel and Suffocation Bring Tour to Seattle’s Studio Seven

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Review and photos by Patrick Burt.

Morbid Angel and Suffocation had a recent stop at Studio Seven this past Monday.  Neither band was having a case of the Monday’s and came to get brutal with the Seattle crowd.  This line up was stacked and Seattle’s metalheads knew it.

First up for the night was Seattle’s Beltfed Weapon.  The band started off strong giving a good thrash sound.  With blistering fast guitars riffs and pummeling drums the crowd started headbanging and moshing.  They were a great opener and got the crowd worked up for the rest of the evening.  If they are coming to a town near you make sure to be there.

Next up was Withered from Atlanta, Georgia.  The band brings a very unique style to death metal with a mix of black metal, doom metal, crust and grind.  The half hour set started off with “My Leathery Rind”. Heads started banging and a small pit opened up and stayed going the rest of the set.  Withered brought a great and one of a kind atmosphere to their show.  For any metal fan they are a band to make sure to see.

Third band of the night was death metal maniacs Revocation.  The Boston based band got the crowd stirred up into a frenzy quickly with their song “Communion” off of their latest record “Great Is Our Sin”.  With bodies being hurled and horns raised high the band’s set came to a close with “Crumbling Imperium”.  Revocation knows how to put on a show that leaves an impression.  The band is very technical and puts on a relentless set.  I highly suggest seeing them anytime they come to a city near you.  They will never disappoint.

Up next were the New York brutal death metal legends Suffocation. With a new lineup, the band started off their 45 minute set with classic song “Thrones Of Blood”.  The new vocalist Kevin Muller introduced the new members, Eric Morotti (drums), and Charlie Errigo (guitar) to the crazed Seattle crowd.  The audience welcomed them with open arms as the crushing set continued with hit song “Pierced From Within”. Suffocation released their latest album Of The Dark Light the week before and the songs off of it are even more devastating live as they are on record.  The set came to a close with their hit “Infecting The Crypts”.  With almost 30 years of material and live shows Suffocation knows how to put on one hell of a show.  Not many bands can put on as brutal of a performance as they can.  If you see that they are coming to a city near do not hesitate to get tickets.  It will be a show you will never forget.

The final set of the night went to the headliners, Morbid Angel.  The Florida death metal act came out to hit song “Summoning Redemption” which quickly got the crowd moving.  The hour and fifteen minute set showcased hit after hit of the death metal masters catalogue.  The audience fed off the energy of the band and went completely insane during the songs “Prayer Of Hatred”, and “Curse The Flesh”.  The seasoned death metal band showed no mercy as they ended their crushing set with “Umulamahri”.  Morbid Angel is an unstoppable force live.  If you are able to catch one of their shows you will not be disappointed.


Morbid Angel Setlist:

Summoning Redemption
Bil Ur-Sag
To The Vector The Spoils
Prayer Of Hatred
Covenant Of Death
Curse The Flesh
Beneath The Hallow
Ageless, Still I Am
Nothing Is Not
He Who Sleeps

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