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Review by Mike Baltierra

Twelve Noon
Twelve Noon
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Twelve Noon are an alternative rock band based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The band consists of Michael Loew – Vocals, Rob Heil – Guitars, Justin Runkel – Drums, John Devlin- Guitar, and Tim Clark – Bass.

Their debut album, Saint and Sinners, is a ten track album that showcases the band’s solid musicianship, songwriting and keeps the listeners on their toes, throwing in heavy songs with melodic slower tempo songs. If anything, the album content and the various styles of music is not predictable, which plays into the band’s favor. The band also wears their influences heavy on their sleeves.

According to their Facebook page, the band is influenced by the likes of Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, Tool, Times of Grace, Three Days Grace, Asking Alexandria, Bullet For My Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Metallica, Alter Bridge – and these influences are heavily evident throughout the album. Is this a bad thing? No, but it does make it a challenge to classify their style of music, which is a good thing.

The opening track, “Change My Ways” is an awesome selection as an opener. It is heavy, and has a good upbeat tempos and elements of grunge that make this a really catchy tune.

“Breaking Down” is an interesting selection as a follow up. Though heavy, it’s very melodic and seems a little out of place. Not a bad track, not at all. It would probably would have been suited to have it placed later in the track selection.

The title track, “Saints and Sinners” is a scorcher. With solid vocals, guitar playing and especially stellar drum work, this is the stand out track on this album.

“Hope and Tragedy” is a back to the slower tempo, delivering a moody and dramatic ambiance which makes this track shine.

“Better Side” gets back into the heavy with crunchy guitar riffs and some serious drumming.

“Carry On” starts off as an acoustical ballad and then seaways into a power ballad of sorts. Solid musicianship again is demonstrated on this great track.

“No Way Out” gets back into the heavy rock. Song is super punchy, and even touches a bit on elements of thrash, with the killer double bass drum playing and gnarly heavy guitar tones.

“Back for More” – seeing this title, one may think “what? A cover or a Ratt song?” Oh hell no! Super heavy, super crunchy breakdowns and some serious head banging will ensue! Very much in the vein of Alter Bridge or even Skillet. Very heavy arena style rock with a catchy chorus.

“Bottom of a Bottle” – another step back into the melodic ballad. Somber, moody, and oozing with emotion.

“The End” – great choice to close out the album. Back to heavy rock. Starts of interestingly, sounding as if a music box was used to intro the song. Then the song just punches you in the face. Great tempo, grinding guitars and vocal harmonies. Again, a great selection for a closer.

Overall, the album is a roller coaster of ups and downs, as well as heavy to melodic. Overall, this is a great debut album, which is scheduled to drop on June 9, 2017 via Eclipse Records.

We give it an 8 / 10. It is highly recommended that you put this into your music rotation.



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