Testament Brings Sepultura And Prong To Seattle For A Night Of Metal Mayhem

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Review and photos by Patrick Burt.

Seattle metalheads were lined up outside of The Showbox at the Market for a long-awaited night of classic thrash.  Testament, Sepultura and Prong were in town to shred faces off of fans.  Each band brought their own style of metal to the tour which made for a fun time.

First band of the evening was Prong from New York.  The crossover thrash style of Prong got the crowd moving quick.  Vocalist Tommy Victor pumped up the crowd by telling them to go crazy while jumping up and down.  The 40-minute set started off with “Ultimate Authority.” Drummer Art Cruz blasted through the songs getting many audience members to headbang along with the beat. During the song “Unconditional” bass player Jason Christopher got the mosh pit moving with his fast bass lines.  The set was filled with many fan favorites such as “Cut- Rate”, ” Cut And Dry”, “Whose Fist Is This Anyway?” and ending with “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck.”  Prong puts on an incredible show.  They know how to draw in a crowd and make any show extremely energetic. If you get a chance to see them live make sure to do so.  You will not be disappointed.

Second band on the bill were Brazilian metal goliaths, Sepultura.  The band came out to a rambunctious crowd that were ready to rock.  The 50-minute set started off with ” I Am The Enemy” off of their latest release Machine Messiah.  The crowd kept getting increasingly rowdy as the set went on.  Vocalist Derrick Green started to talk to the Seattle crowd about being a band for over 30 years and how they changed up the setlist for the tour as they went straight into old school classic “Inner Self.” The mosh pit became even more intense during the final few songs as the band ripped into metal anthem “Refuse/Resist.”This made the floor look like a whirlpool of bodies.  The set ended with “Roots Bloody Roots.” Sepultura brings its own unique sound to the thrash genre.  The tribal sound along with the pummeling drums and blistering fast guitars makes them stand out from most thrash bands.  If you get a chance to see this band make sure to be there.  It is an experience like no other.

The third band on the bill were Bay area thrash legends Testament. The stage was set with many fog machines, lighting rigs across the front and a huge backdrop of their latest cover art behind the drum kit of the one and only Gene Hoglan.  As soon as the lights went out the crowd erupted into cheers.  The band started off their set with “Brotherhood Of The Snake.”  One of the craziest parts of their set was when vocalist Chuck Billy started talking about the thrash metal movement in the 80s and the maniacs in the middle of the floor who always made it an insane show.  He then dedicated the song “Into The Pit” to the ones in the mosh pit.  The hour and a half long set featured hit songs “Low”,  “Eyes Of Wrath”,  “First Strike”,  “Souls Of Black” and many others.  The night came to an end with “Over The Wall.”  After more then 30 years of being a band Testament still brings the brutality to their shows just as they did in the 80s.  If you see that they are coming to a city near you don’t hesitate to buy tickets.

Testament setlist:
Brotherhood Of The Snake
Rise Up
Pale King
Centuries Of Suffering
(Guitar Solo)
Electric Crown
Into The Pit
Throne Of Thrones
(Guitar Solo)
Eyes Of Wrath
(Drum Solo)
First Strike Is Deadly
(Bass Solo)
Souls Of Black
Seven Seals
The New Order
Practice What You Preach
Over The Wall


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