Killswitch Engage and Anthrax’s Killthrax Tour Rocks Seattle’s Showbox SoDo

Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage
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A dream tour for many fans of metal rolled through Seattle Tuesday night.  Killswitch Engage and Anthrax teamed up for their co-headline tour Killthrax, bringing long sets from both bands.

First up for the evening was Pennsylvania’s Code Orange. The hardcore band came out ripping right into their set quick with their song “Forever”.  Bassist Joe Goldman started getting the crowd moving around by pacing back and forth yelling and stomping across the stage.  The 25 minute set ended with “Spy”. If you are a fan of hardcore and punk make sure to go see this band.  Their live shows are as crazy and awesome as the albums they have put out.  This is a band to watch out for.

Up next was The Devil Wears Prada.  The Ohio based metalcore band kicked off their 35 minute set with “Daughter”.  This got the audience jumping around and screaming along to every word.  Vocalist Mike Hranica‘s energy on stage got the first of many crowd surfers to come up and over the security barricade.  Just before the final song Mike started thanking the crowd for coming out and watching them play.  He gave a shoutout to local music venue El Corazon and said how Seattle has always been a favorite city of theirs to play.  The set came to a close with their song “Mammoth”.  The Devil Wears Prada brings a different feel to metalcore and in the best way possible.  If you get a chance to see them in a city near you I highly suggest making it.

The third act for the night were thrash metal legends Anthrax.  The backdrop for their set was the album artwork for their latest album “For All Kings”.  The lights went out and Iron Maiden‘s song “The Number Of The Beast” blasted over the speakers.  As soon as the song was over the band walked out and opened up their hour and fifteen minute set with “Among The Living”.  After the song ended Guitarist Scott Ian stood in the center of the stage and went into playing “Caught In A Mosh”.  This song sent the crowd into overdrive.  A Massive circle pit opened up as the floor turned into a tornado of bodies being thrown around.  The set featured many fan favorite songs such as “Madhouse”, “I Am The Law” and “Evil Twin”. The band brought their performance to an end with the song “Indians”.  During the song Vocalist Joey Belladonna started telling the crowd to war dance.  Anthrax is always a great show to go see live.  If you haven’t seen them live you are truly missing out.  The next time you hear they have a tour coming near you, make sure to be there for a performance you won’t forget.

Last up for the night was Killswitch Engage.  The Massachusetts metalcore band came out to a crowd already crazed.  The hour and fifteen minute set started off with “Hate By Design”. Vocalist Jesse Leach didn’t want to only perform on stage, he wanted to interact personally with the crowd.  He hopped off the stage and got into the crowd singing along with them.  He continued to do this for a good portion of the set.  The band intensified the crowd with their third song of the night “My Last Serenade”.  The set featured fan favorite songs such as “Hell In Me”, “Darkness Falls”, “End Of Heartache”, “This Is Absolution” and “My Curse”.  A big highlight of the performance was during the final song of Killswitch Engage‘s set. Anthrax vocalist Joey Belladonna came out to sing “Holy Diver” with the band.  Killswitch Engage is a phenomenal band to get to see live.  The band are veterans of their craft and the almost 20 years of experience shows that through their live shows.  If you have a chance to see them live do it.  They will blow you away with their musicianship and showmanship.  If you are lucky enough to be up front for a live show of theirs, make sure to be ready for audience participation.

Review and show photos of Code Orange, Devil Wears Prada and Killswitch Engage by Patrick Burt

Show photos of Anthrax by Diane Webb

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