A Breach of Silence: Secrets

Review by Mike Baltierra

A Breach of Silence
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A Breach of Silence is a metalcore band from Brisbane, Australia and are made up of Mat Cosgrove (guitar), Blair Layt (bass/vocals), Rhys Flannery (lead vocals), Kerrod Dabelstein (guitar), and Michael Gee (drums). They recently released their latest effort Secrets through Eclipse Records on Feb 24, 2017.

The sound on the album is polished and the production is superb. From the opening track “Falling Away”, with its catchy guitar riffs and infectious chorus, makes the listener get a sense that they will be listening to some solid heavy music. “Ride or Die” is more heavy and dirty.

The title track “Secrets” starts off slow and mellow, gets heavier as the breaks into the chorus, making for wave of mellow to heavy and back to mellow. “Nightcrawler” has exceptional drumming and solid guitar riffing.

The stand out track “Fair Weather Friends” definitely brings the heavy with its double kick drumming, heavy and crunchy guitar playing and melodic vocals of Flannery. This killer track is followed by “Buzz Killington” which in itself is a killer track, with very heavy riffs, pounding drums and awesome vocal melodies.

The only out of place track is “Sugar and Spice” which is the album’s closing track. It sounds like a track that could have been written and performed by Steel Panther. More hair metal than metalcore. Still a good track, none the less

One thing that comes to mind over and over, is the sound and playing style of the music is very djent sound, with a touch of Rage Against the Machine styled vocals thrown on top. It does make for an awesome combo and sound, where on paper may sound weird, but it pares very well.

This effort gets a solid 9/10. Let’s hope Eclipse Record continues their trend of putting high quality heavy metal!

Track List
Falling Away
Ride or Die
Fair Weather Friends
Buzz Killington
The Revelator
A Better Place
Sugar and Spice

Falling Away official music video


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