Carnifex And Despised Icon Decimate Seattle

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A long line stretched around back of Studio Seven Thursday evening in Seattle as fans waited for a night of insane brutality.  Carnifex and Despised Icon were in town along with Fallujah, Rings Of Saturn and Lorna Shore.

First up for the night was Lorna Shore.  The New Jersey based death-core band started out with their song “Godmaker”, which got the audience moving quickly.  Vocalist Tom Barber called out for circle pits the entire set which sent the concert goers into a frenzy.  The half hour set came to a close with the hit song “Funeral Moon”.  This band knows how to put on a show.  They are a must see for any metal fan.

The next band to perform was California’s Rings Of Saturn. They started their set off with “Abducted”.  The half hour set featured two new songs off of their upcoming new album which is set to be released at some point in 2017.  The band features a very unique sound in death-core genre.  Many of their songs show the influence of technical death metal.  This can been heard with their machine gun like blast beats and sweep picking.  If you haven’t had a chance to see this band live I highly suggest doing so.  The band is very tight knit and it certainly shows in their performances.

Next up was California’s Fallujah.  The band got the crowd going wild from the start of their set with “Alpha Incipient”.  The bands set started the first of many crowd surfers to come.  One by one they were coming up and over the security barrier and this lasted for the rest of the evening.  During one of the songs vocalist Alex Hoffman asked the audience to pull out their lighters or cellphones and wave them back and forth as he lead the audience in singing a verse with him.  The set came to a close with “Scar Queen”Fallujah puts on a one of a kind show.  If this band is coming a town near you make sure to see them.  You will not be disappointed.

The next band was a very special treat for many people in attendance, Despised Icon.  The band hadn’t played in Seattle in seven years.  As soon as the lights went the audience erupted into cheers.  The 45 minute set started off with the song “Bad Vibes”.  A couple crowd surfers quickly came up and over the security barrier.  Vocalists Alex Erian and Steve Marois got the audience going and a massive mosh pit took up most of the floor of the venue.  During the song “A Fractured Hand”, Alex Erian jumped into the crowd and finished the song with the fans.  One of the craziest moments of the night was when the band called for a wall of death and as soon as Alex said go the pit turned into a war zone.  The set came to an end with fan favorite song “MVP”.  Despised Icon is a band that every metal fan should see live.  Not only is the sound of the music intense, they back it up with their live performance.  If you find out they are playing any city near you, make it a priority to be there.  Make sure to be ready for brutality.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for all night, Carnifex.  This was the bands first headlining tour since 2015.  The stage was set with cemetery styled gates with upside down crosses hanging on them alongside gargoyles.  As the lights went out the intro for the bands song “Dark Heart Ceremony”  started blaring through over the speaker.  The band played three straight songs off of their new album “Slow Death” to start off the set.  The 45 minute set was filled with many fan favorites such as “Hatred And Slaughter”, “Die Without Hope” and “Lie To My Face”.  The band also performed a cover of Slipknot’s song “The Heretic Anthem”.  The set came to a close with their major hit “Hell Chose Me”.  Carnifex is a band you will always want to see live.  This was a great show, check out Carnifex’s page to see if they are coming to a city near you.  This is a tour you do not want to miss.

Carnifex Setlist:
Dark Heart Ceremony
Slow Death
Drown Me In Blood
Hatred And Slaughter
Die Without Hope
Dark Days
Lie To My Face
The Heretic Anthem (Slipknot Cover)
Hell Chose Me

Review and photos by Patrick Burt

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