Aussie Artist, Allday Debuts New Video “In Motion ft. Japanese Wallpaper”

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Australian rapper/singer Allday‘s releases new video for “In Motion” featuring Japanese Wallpaper.

“In Motion” is set in an alternate 2017 (or how alternate is it, really?) where humans have lost the capacity to sustain love. Allday heads up a ‘Punch Bowl Party’ which induces young people to fall in love via simulation programs. As it turns out no one can really handle that level of emotion, though and well…it gets hectic. Relatable/10?

While both Allday and director Nima Nabili Rad were determined to avoid aestheticizing the track with the classic “hot couple [taking] a coastal road trip” (cc every lyric video, ever), the duo really hoped the video would be an “ode to love”. Not only was it important the visual reflect the lyrical depth of “In Motion”, Rad explains, but showcase all facets of falling love – manifesting in a concept that was as innocent as it was “violently beautiful.”

“We fall in love easily, but staying in love is the real test. Love never dies but sometimes our hearts can’t face the beauty of it, because there’s a terror that goes with completely opening yourself and being naked emotionally. Love is strange. And stunning. And painful. And incredible. And the visuals and the concept here hopefully capture a fraction of that.” – Paper Magazine

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