Return To Roots Tour Brings Intense Crowd to Seattle’s Studio Seven

Return To Roots
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Studio Seven was packed with an intense crowd on Wednesday night when the Cavalera brothers brought their Return to Roots Tour to Seattle.  The Seattle show was one of the last four tour dates for the USA tour and one of the most insane shows I’ve ever seen at this venue.

The lineup had 2 local support bands, A God Or An Other and Devilation plus the 2 touring bands Full Of Hell, Immolation and the headliners Max and Iggor Cavalera.  The crowd started off small as the show kicked off at 6:00PM with A God or An Other who performed a short but heavy set to start warming the fans up.  The crowd continued to grow as the night progressed from set to set.

The next in line for the night was Seattle’s Devilation.  These guys were a little more intense than the first opener and continued with where they’d left off getting fans riled up for the rest of the night to come.  They too had a short set, but left the fans ready for more music.  Great start from our locals!

Third up for the night were Maryland/Pennsylvania natives, Full of Hell.  By this point in the night the venue was pretty full and the crowd was ready to break out into an aggressive pit for the remainder of the evening.  As the band hit the stage and the gutturals starting pouring out from vocalist Dylan Walker, it was clear the aggression level was brewing.  The crowd just lost it and and opened up pit and bodies were bouncing all across the front of the floor.  Timing was perfect for Full of Hell to perform.

As if the night wasn’t already full of great heavy music, it was time for Immolation.  Immolation is out on tour supporting their February 25th release Atonement.  It was killer to see them performing the new material live for the first time.  The fans went insane during their set and the pit was wide open once more for the night, only solidifying what was certainly to come as the Cavalera‘s hit the stage.  This was a killer set.

Last up for the night, the moment we’d all been waiting for!  Max and Iggor Cavalera joined by Marc Rizzo and Tony Campos.  Just those four names should tell you how insane the rest of this night was!  I have been to this venue for many shows and yea, I have seen my fair share of pits and mayhem, but honestly….. nothing like I saw Wednesday night during the Return to Roots show!

Fans where chanting for the band before the set even started, they were impatient and ready.  It was full on insanity levels in the pit too.  Honestly there was no room for the pit to even happen due to the number of bodies crammed onto the main floor.  At times I just stopped and watched the crowd in complete awe of them and at other times stopped to brace myself for incoming bodies flying toward me.  Absolutely BRUTAL!  This was a show that fans should not have missed.

It was great  hearing the old school tunes from the Sepultura times and was just one of those surreal events that don’t come along too often.  Sepultura was formed back in 1984 by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera and Roots is one of the old school favorite albums.  Although not with Sepultura today, you can’t erase the musical history that lives on today from their time with the band.  Mid-way in the show they had some additional drums added to the stage and Max brought the drummers from Full of Hell and Immolation on stage to perform a tribal piece with them.  At another point the vocalists from Full of Hell and Immolation were also asked to come up on stage and sing with the band.  Before the show was over the guys did a cover of Motorhead‘s Ace of Spades that sent the fans into overdrive and mass mayhem ensued across the floor.  The fans loved every moment of this show and they didn’t want to leave when it was over.  This was a really great tour.  It’s sad to see it’s already ended and but I know there were many lucky fans across the USA who got to see this amazing show.

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