Harlem Globetrotters Bring Family Fun to Seattle’s Key Arena

Harlem Globetrotters
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This past weekend the Harlem Globetrotters were in Seattle for a weekend full of family friendly entertainment. I’ve been a longtime fan of this organization since I was a kid myself seeing them perform.  Throughout the years they’ve remained a positive and active group for countless kids to watch and enjoy. So while they were here, I wanted to catch this show and share with you what a fun time it really is and why you should catch them the next chance you have.

I caught the their event at the Key Arena Saturday afternoon and let me tell you, even as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not that I profess to ever have truly left my childhood behind, I still read comics. The Key Arena was packed with families of all ages, types and sizes and all with one mission, to be entertained. You could tell many had hopes to be able to be involved with the show somehow. For some, that involvement was more than they bargained for but for others, everything they’d hoped for.

The pre-show warm-up started with the Harlem Globetrotters dancers, a few antics with some fans and Globie and a local team from Shelton, WA called the Shelton PIPS. The Shelton PIPS are a group of children who play basketball through the organization and were invited to be part of the show. They warmed up with team drills on the court before the game then were back on the court during the half-time break running more drills and showing off their skills. At the end of the break the team was able to get a photo with the Harlem Globetrotters on the court as well. The kids looked to have completely enjoyed their experience. This is just one of the many reasons I enjoy the Harlem Globetrotters organization, they are so inclusive of the children who look up to them and basketball. They include all kids, boys and girls of ages and all races. They also provide positive role models that show kids that being active can also be fun.

As the main event started, the opposing team the World All Stars took to the court amongst a few boo’s from the fans, of course the taunting was expected. Then the Harlem Globtrotters took to the court and the fun and games (more than just basketball) began. From the beginning, the team proved this would be a fun time but also showed what they are known for most, their mad basketball skills mixed with acrobatics, funny banter, team work and audience inclusion. From the start the players were interacting with the fans, whether it was the moment that Hi-Lite sat down on one of the fans while drink a cup of water or when Scorpion went into the audience and selected a few lucky kids to come onto the court and play with the team. There were constant team to fan interactions throughout the entire show, but there was also great basketball too. Some scoring shots where just amazing.  And of course, the World All Stars had to have a villain player, Cager, who at one point even motioned around on the court like a giant chicken as he mocked the Seattle fans.

But what else happened during their game? Let me give you a quick run down.

Hammer showed us that he knows how to do interpretive dance,
Hi-Lite found a purse, found the owner, made her dance, then made her give him a kiss or two to get the purse back,
Hi-Lite demonstrated a perfect dancing lift,
A whole lot of twerking was going on,
Tons of kids on the court dancing with the team,
On court phone calls from family,
A bit of Pokémon Go. Where was Pikachu? On Cager’s boxers of course, but don’t ask how we found out, you have to go see!
A few fans got a little soaked,
A few kids were carried away by players… Literally,
A few players were carried away by players too,
Oh and the Lion King… cutest baby ever!

Just when you thought there was nothing more to see, somehow Dragon ended up on top of the basketball hoop backboard where he sat for a bit until he had to get down. Somehow he became the basketball and dunked himself. Through all of the commotion the Harlem Globetrotters persevered and won their game. After all of that fun was over, the team hung around to sign autographs for all the kids and take photos with any who asked.

There are so many reasons to adore this team! Do yourself and your family a favor, go see the Harlem Globetrotters live and keep going to see them. It’s always a great time and always family friendly.

Harlem Globetrotters Team Line-up in Seattle:
Coach Jimmy Blacklock
8 Rocket – Guard
9 Hot Shot
11 Cheese – Guard
17 Swish – Guard
23 Beast – Forward
24 Dragon – Forward
26 Hi-Lite – Showman
27 Scorpion
31 Hammer – Forward
38 Jumpin – Forward

16 – Announcer
Cynthia – Announcer

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