Lordi Kicks Off North American Monstour Tour

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Finnish metal band Lordi kicked off their North American Monstour tour in the Northwest last week and I had the opportunity to catch two of their shows, Portland and Seattle. Fans, this is a tour you want to catch!

Having covered Lordi last summer at a music festival I already knew this tour was going to be a great one, but I really had no idea how great until the first night in Portland. Oh the theatrics Lordi puts on in their live shows! Add to that the amazing costumes and the sound of their music and you are in for a great evening.

On this tour Lordi does not have a partnered set of support bands. Instead they are getting local support in each city they are performing in which is really cool to showcase some of the local talent in the area. For Portland there were some great openers worth checking out; Toxic Zombie, Dead Animal Assembly Plant, Morbid Fascination and Dead Nexus. In Seattle the local support was; Flawed Hero, Dryver, Antarez and Melodramus. All worth checking out!

Let’s get to the Lordi performances. So first let me mention to all of you, if you are concerned about the venue you will be seeing them perform in because of poor lighting that’s usually there, do not worry! Lordi has their own lighting engineer running the lighting in their shows and he’s great! Of course, it also depends on the lighting that is in place in each venue, if you don’t have front lighting there is only so much that can be done, but this guy still manages to pull it off! I was thrilled to see how versatile he is after being at two different venues and seeing the difference in each show. So count on some decent lighting and the sound is just as great too! For the techie part of it, it’s covered.

The performance itself, top notch! I’ve yet to ever see a bad Lordi show. This band is cinematic horror metal at it’s best. The show tells a story, the costumes make it creepy and the fans make it over the top insane! Seriously a fun vibe at their shows.

The performance started with an evil ghoulish character taking the stage then the band followed. There was a head thrown onto a spike, lots of evil interactions between the band and the fans in the crowd. Then a nun came onto stage to try to ward off the evil with Ox and it did not go her way at all. More awesome music ensued then at one point, Mr. Lordi hit the stage with a chainsaw. Just when I thought there weren’t any more antics for this show a priest hit the stage trying to ward off the evil in Mr. Lordi with a cross and lots of smoke but failed then Mr. Lordi cast the priest aside. Even a stage hand was wacked with a chair at one point at the Seattle show! You can never be totally sure what you will witness in a Lordi show, but I can tell you that you can be sure you will hear great music and have an awesome night out.

Get out there and see Lordi on this tour. Buy some of their really cool merchandise too, they have lots of swag with them on this tour. There is no telling when you will have the chance to see them in North America again so do not miss them.

Lordi has a new album that came out in September, Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy). It’s killer, pick up a copy if you haven’t already!

Remaining Lordi Monstour dates:
February 11 – Denver, CO
February 12 – Merriam, KS
February 13 – Minneapolis, MN
February 14 – Chicago, IL
February 15 – Cleveland, OH
February 17 – Lancaster, PA
February 18 – Worcester, MA
February 19 – Montreal, QC
February 21 – Quebec, QC
February 22 – Toronto, ON
February 23 – New York, NY
February 24 – Clifton Park, NY
February 25 – Baltimore, MD
February 27 – Atlanta, GA
February 28 – Tampa, FL
March 2 – Houston, TX
March 3 – San Antonio, TX
March 4 – Dallas, TX

Enjoy photos from the Seattle show

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