Eclipse Release New Video “Never Look Back”

Eclipse - Heat Festival 2016
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I have been talking about the Swedish band Eclipse for sometime now and for good reason. These guys get better with every new release. First there was Bleed & Scream then Armageddonize and next up is Monumentum set for release on March 24, 2017. Yes, I know there were a couple other EP’s before this, but even Eclipse will tell you to ignore them. They don’t identify with the earlier sound anymore so the real sound of Eclipse is solidified with Bleed & Scream.

I was wondering how these talented guys were going to top Armageddonize, well I have my answer now. They’ve released two of their new songs off of Monumentum. First was “Vertigo” and then yesterday they released “Never Look Back”. Having watched these guys over time I can honestly say, this album is the one that’s going to get them noticed all around the world. I enjoyed the other albums immensely, but there’s something a little different sounding in the new songs that wasn’t on either of the previous albums. I am waiting to get a hold of the full album to really dig into and tell you about it, but for now check out the two songs the band has released and keep an eye on these guys. Eclipse is a band you want to know about now, not a few years down the road.

First video release of Eclipse’s new album Monumentum, “Never Look Back”

First song release from Monumentum, “Vertigo”

Monumentum Track List:
1. Vertigo
2. Never Look Back
3. Killing Me
4. The Downfall Of Eden
5. Hurt
6. Jaded
7. Born To Lead
8. For Better Or For Worse
9. No Way Back
10. Night Comes Crawling
11. Black Rain

You can purchase these singles now along with pre-ordering the entire album through Amazon and iTunes.

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