Margaret Cho’s Psycho Tour Thrilled Fans at the Tulalip Resort Casino

Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho at the Tulalip Resort Casino
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Margaret Cho’s unadulterated Psycho Tour hit the Seattle area last Friday evening at the Tulalip Resort Casino.  This has to be one of the best shows to come through our area in a while.  This show was so raw, raunchy, non-PC, and just outright dirty that is was funny.  Definitely not a show for the kids (21+ only), but for the adults, it was a blast!

The evening started out with fellow comedian Selene Luna.  If you are not familiar with Selene Luna, you should be.  She will be the first to tell you she’s a little person, if you didn’t notice it yourself and stop staring it’s rude.  If do you stare too long she will make a point of telling you that no one else can see her but you and she’s there to help you.  Her comedy covers all things associated with being a little person as well as covering other topics.  One topic of late that is of course something everyone is talking about is the election and the new president.  Comedy is a great way to channel all of the head scratching insanity going on all around us now.  Luna didn’t miss any opportunity to express her feelings which was awesome for the comedy of it all.  Even going as far as noting that “people should crack open a history book to realize that the Mexicans were part of the USA before there was a USA.”  If that’s not funny to you, her talking about Ghost Hunters will be!  You have to check her out!

Next up for the evening was the main event, Margaret Cho.  Let me first tell you, if you love bubble tea, you will never want to drink it again once you see this show.  I have the worst image ever linked to bubble tea and it is not something I can repeat here.  Thanks Margaret!  She did not waste anytime digging into Donald Trump either.  I’ve now visualized things I never hoped to ever have thought of when it comes to our new POTUS.  Cho used her time to poke at current events and topics that most people are too PC to have open conversations about in public, like the “White Washing” of Hollywood when it comes to casting Asian actors in Asian rolls.  She even went as far as to advise Asian women not to sleep with Woody Allen because it was clear it would not advance their acting careers.  She’s not holding anything back!  She mistakenly asked one of the gay audience members if the woman with him was his “faghag”, oops, it was his mother!  Don’t worry, they all laughed!  Then went on to ask if he’d take one for the team and switch to women if it meant Clinton would talk office, which was a resounding yes!

But rest assured, it wasn’t all heavy.  She joked about using up her last egg and having a baby then went on to talk about why fruit only diets are not the best when they literally make you crap yourself uncontrollably, in one of the most hysterical stories I’ve ever heard.  This was a great night out!  If you like unabridged comedy that’s just plain raw without any pretentiousness, this is the show for you.

Margaret Cho has a few more shows coming up. I highly suggest you go see her! Hopefully they have the same opener because Selene Luna is pretty funny!

PSYCHO Tour Dates:
February 3, 2017 – Brea Improv, Brea, CA
February 4, 2017 – Brea Improv, Brea, CA
February 23, 2017 – Wheeler Opera House, Aspen, CO
February 24, 2017 – Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
March 3, 2017 – Orlando Improv, Orlando, FL
March 4, 2017 – Orlando Improv, Orlando, FL

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