Meet “V” of the Glam Skanks; We’re Talking Music and Hitting the Road With Adam Ant

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The L.A. female glam rock band, the Glam Skanks are hitting the road with the one and only Adam Ant on his Wild Frontier 2017 North American Tour.  These gals have a really great glam punk sound and do an energetic live show.  I think Adam found the perfect band to compliment his tour.  This is a show you do not want to be late for!

I had a chance to sit down ahead of the tour and chat with Glam Skanks guitarist, Veronica better known as “V“about who the Glam Skanks are, their music and what you, the fans, can expect from these rockers on tour.  Sit back and enjoy meeting the Glam Skanks.

Interview with “V” of the Glam Skanks:

YesterdazeNews: So who in your opinion, who are the Glam Skanks?

VeronicaV“: We are an all girl, kinda glam punk band. We put on a really fun live, energetic show. There is a lot of glitter and glitz at the shows. Crazy outfits, a very 70’s sort of glam rock vibe. Just out to have a great time.

How did you come up with the name the Glam Skanks?

It actually started off as an inside joke with our friend Carlos when Ali and I first started. We booked a show before we had any songs, we had a handful of covers, we didn’t have a bass player yet, we didn’t have a band name. So we had the gig booked and realized we had to come up with a name to work with until we figured it out. So Carlos and I were sitting there joking around, he had a notepad and he was writing down anything he heard that sounded funny and was talking about making lamb shanks. So I said to him, if you throw some edible glitter on those lamb shanks you have glam shanks and he just started writing lamb shanks, glam shanks, glam skanks, no thanks and we were like oh glam skanks, that’s kind of funny. So we were kind of using the name for a working title for that one show and people liked it enough that we sort of stuck with the name. And we think it kind of fits what we sound like, what our vibe it, it’s kind of punky but have that glam rock vibe. So it represents us properly.

Have you always had a love for music and knew this is where you needed to be?

Definitely for both Ali and I, we’ve been involved in music for a very long time. My dad is a producer and a bass player and guitar player. So growing up I was always in the studio hanging out with him and going to see him play. So I kind of always knew that’s what I wanted to do. I think Ali knew the same, her dad’s a singer and she wanted to do this as well.

Who would you say has influenced you most in music, is there a particular artist or would you say it came from growing up around it?

Definitely from growing up around it. My dad bought me my first guitar before I could do anything. I was mostly his influence and from growing up around other musicians he was friends with. As far as other artists, definitely David Bowie was a big one, Joan Jett was a big influence too. A lot of women in the music industry were a big influence growing up.

That is great and I really like that you touched on the women in music that influenced you. That’s something that even today still gets missed for so many girls and young women growing up that are interested in music. They need these female role models to see they are doing it and to give them something to reach for. And for these girls it’s really appreciated.

Thank you, yea for sure. For me it was seeing The Donna’s when I was about 11 or 12 years old. That was one of the things that set it off for me. Seeing these women playing their music right in front of me. It’s a powerful thing for a young girl.

What’s been the biggest accomplishment for you as a band so far?

Getting this tour (Adam Ant 2017 tour) and getting ready to go out on this tour is the biggest thing that we’ve done for sure. Also getting some of our music in Kevin Smith‘s recent movie “Yoga Hosers” that was really big us and we were proud of as well.

You are heading on tour with Adam Ant. How did that come about?

So going back, my dad used to tour with Adam when I was a kid in the early 90’s. He played on the Wonderful album and toured with him for that album and also, my dad’s band opened for Adam on that tour as well. He’s always been a family friend, even all these years later. We now have the same publicist as Adam, Lee Runchey of Chrome PR, and when he was looking for a band to possibly open for him on this tour they showed him some of our music videos and he liked our music enough to want us to go on the road with him.

That’s great. That has to be in a way, a bit calming to go out on a tour like that with there already being a bit of a connection with the artist versus going out with an artist you haven’t met before and aren’t already familiar with. Then to know he picked you because of your sound and and that it fits so well with what he does. I’ve listed to Adam since I was a kid and your sound is going to be a great fit for this tour. The lineup will be great for the fans, it’s a great set up. I think the fans are going to be very open to your band and I believe this is going to be a great tour for you.

Any artists you really want to tour with?

Yea, for sure. Me and Ali are very open about it and have always said we’d love to open for Lady Gaga. That would just be, so much fun. We’d love to go on the road with Juliette Lewis, that’s something we’ve been talking about wanting to do.

I think you would fit well on a tour with Juliette. I just caught her tour this summer and her show is so energetic, it’s phenomenal.

Yea she’s so much fun. We saw her on her last tour out here and she was just amazing. We think we have energy to kind of match hers.

What can fans who’ve not seen you live before expect at your shows? I’ve read that you ladies like to do glitter bombs on the audience, can we expect that as well?

They expect to possibly get covered in glitter for sure. We give the fans the full live experience. Ali will jump into the audience and crowd surf. I will run into the audience and do a solo in the middle of everybody. We like to interact with the crowd. We like to have fun with everybody. We try to get people involved, we’ll try to get girls up on stage for songs to jump up and down with us. We really try to include the audience in what we are doing.

That’s awesome! How about after your shows, do you hang out at your merchandise table meeting fans or wander the crowd meeting fans?

We usually do both. We’ll trade off. Two of us will be at the merchandise table while two of us wander through the crowd then we will switch. Ali will take over the merchandise while we are loading our gear out. Then the four of us will hang out at the merchandise table for a bit then we will switch and wander again.

So the band is out there and approachable for fans to come say hi, get an autograph or take a photo with you?

Yea, absolutely.

What’s next after the Adam Ant tour?

We are looking into and definitely want to hit the road again. We are hoping to get on some other tours, either booking one of our own or getting onto another tour with another group. We’re not quite sure yet, but we don’t want to have much down time. We’d like to go out again as soon as possible. We’d like to tour a couple more times before the year ends then we want to go in and record our second album before the end of the year.

Anything you want to say to the fans coming out to see you guys on the Adam Ant tour?

Be prepared to get covered in glitter and dance your asses off.

Glam Skanks have an album out now, Glitter City, that was released in August 2016. It’s available most everywhere you buy digital music. How is the album doing?

It seems to be doing well. We did an EP before this. But this is our first real album release. So we are starting to get it out there and hopefully with this tour we will be able to get more out there.

Do you sell physical copies of your CD at your merchandise table while on tour?

Yes, we do.

V, thank you for your time! See you out on tour.


“Glitter City” is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and  Bandcamp.




See Glam Skanks on the road as direct support for Adam Ant’s Kings of the Wild Frontier 2017 North American Tour:
Monday, January 23, Washington DC, Lincoln Theatre, SOLD OUT
Tuesday, January 24, Boston, MA, The Wilbur Theatre
Thursday, January 26, Philadelphia, PA, The Keswick Theatre
Friday, January 27, New York, NY, Webster Hall, SOLD OUT
Sunday, January 29, Toronto, ON, The Danforth Music Hall
Tuesday, January 31, Chicago, IL, Vic Theatre
Thursday, February 2, Portland, OR, Revolution Hall, SOLD OUT
Friday, February 3, Seattle, WA, Neptune Theatre, SOLD OUT
Saturday, February 4, Vancouver, BC, Vogue Theatre
Tuesday, February 7, San Francisco, CA, The Fillmore, SOLD OUT
Thursday, February 9, Los Angeles, CA, The Fonda Theatre, SOLD OUT
Friday, February 10, Las Vegas, NV, Brooklyn Bowl
Saturday, February 11, Tucson, AZ, The Rialto Theatre
Tuesday, February 14, Dallas, TX, The Majestic Theatre
Wednesday, February 15, San Antonio, TX, The Empire Theatre, SOLD OUT
Friday, February 17, Santa Ana, CA, The Observatory, SOLD OUT
Saturday, February 18, San Diego, CA, The Observatory North Park, SOLD OUT
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