Monster Jam Delights Fans at the Tacoma Dome

Monster Jam
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This weekend Monster Jam arrived in the Seattle area at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA.  This family friendly show is one that many look forward to each year.  We got the chance to attend the Friday night show and what a great evening it was.

What’s not to like about motor sports with races, jump shots, donuts, the occasional roll over or flipping of a vehicle and all kinds of vehicles competing on a dirt track?  Not to mention dirt flying everywhere!  Maybe just the intermission, but even that’s a great time to get up and get refreshments, photos, shop the merchandise booth and a quick pit stop to the toilets before the show starts back up.

Each of the team drivers are highly skilled and the Monster Jam organization prides itself with putting on a show that’s fun for the fans as well and safe for both the drivers and the fans.  The drivers scheduled for this show were: Great Clips Mohawk Warrior driven by Bryce Kenny, Grave Digger driven by Cole Venard, Max-D driven by Jared Eichelberger, El Toro Loco driven by Mark List, Monster Mutt Dalmatian driven by Cynthia Gauthier, Zombie driven by Tyler Groth, NEA driven by Travis Groth, Trucks/drivers subject to change., Scooby-Doo driven by Myranda Cozad.  It was nice to see the local area drivers in this mix!

Friday’s show was filled with lots of entertainment.  The first heat for the night was head to head monster truck competition.  Next up for the night was the speedsters, atv’s, wheelies, donuts and then onto the freestyle event.  There were a few flips during competition and a few close calls.  At one point Max-D flipping and after uprighting the truck it started smoking heavily on start up.  The smoke lingered through Mohawk Warrior‘s freestyle then in the last jump from Mohawk Warrior the truck began smoking mid jump.  After all was said and done, Grave Digger was the overall winner for the evening.

The Tacoma Dome was a great venue for this event.  Having attended a few other Monster Jams at the Tacoma Dome before, it’s always a comfort when it is announced as the chosen venue for the next show.  Plenty of space, plenty of parking and lots of seating with good views of the show.

If you haven’t experienced on of these shows before, I recommend getting out there to see it.  You don’t need to have kids to go to this show, the show itself will make you feel like a big kid. Make sure you take some ear protection too!  It’s very loud.  So keep your eyes on the website for the next show dates in our area, until then enjoy some shots from the show.

A special thank you to Monster Jam and the Tacoma Dome for having us out to cover this great event.


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