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Tango Down
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I got to review part of Tango Down’s new album by experiencing it in a live show before getting my hands on a physical copy of Bulletproof.  The band has a new vocalist, one that I am familiar with.  I’ve followed Chas West (vocalist) from other projects (Red Dragon Cartel and Resurrection Kings) so I was really interested to see what this new project was all about.  I had the chance to see and hear for myself a couple of weeks ago at Rock N Skull festival in Joliet, IL when Tango Down performed live at the festival.

First I have to say that seeing the band and hearing many songs from the album live before getting my hands on the physical copy of the album was probably the most enjoyable way to experience Tango Down.  With the album, as amazing as it is, you don’t get the live action that’s in front of you on the stage like I did at this show.  These guys are highly entertaining live and really fun to watch.

To me, this show was the hair olympics of rock n roll, something that I feel is missing in alot of todays rock shows!  Hair was flying in every direction on the stage during this performance.  And if you’ve seen some of my photo coverage from other shows you already know how much I dig the hair flying around during a performance.  Well thank you Axel K. Gessner (Bass), Chas West and Scott Miller (Guitar) for the constant triple dose of mesmerizing views coming from the front of your stage between the guitars, bass and hair, this rock gal was completely entranced in your show.

Hair aside, these guys are fantastic performers.  Interacting with each other as well as the fans these guys really know how to put on a fun show.  Even Keith Michaels (Drums) got in on that action from behind his kit as the location of the stage left a spot for fans to get up close during their set.  I have to say if you guys get the chance to see Tango Down live, you have to get out here and see them.  It will be one of the best shows you see.

Let’s talk about their new album Bulletproof.  This is a really fun album.  The music is well written, performed and mixed.  They had a great team of talent working with them on this album.  Kudos to all of those folks!  Already being familiar with Chas West’s vocal style I kind of had an idea of what to expect from his vocals.  I’m never let down with his sound.  He’s got a deep melodic voice that is perfect for rock music.  You will most definitely find yourself singing along to this album and with Chas.  Add to his vocals, the talented musicians playing in this band and you have one hell of an album.  The music is tried and true rock.

This album consists of 10 tracks of glorious music.  I have to say that the title track Bulletproof is one of my favorite tracks on the album.  The lyrics, vocals, harmonizing and the gritty rock sound from guitar and bass really thrill my senses.  Drums and more drums too!  Then there are other great tunes like Carry On and  When We Were Young, etc.  There’s so much to choose from on this album and this album has something for all the music lovers.

If you pick up a physical copy, which I highly suggest you do, you will also get a booklet with lyrics, some great photos of the guys, a great looking model on the front and in the back of the booklet, credits and thanks from the band.  Most importantly, you will get one hell of a good rock album to enjoy.  So get out there and get a copy (available for digital download in most places you buy music) and keep an eye out for Tango Down to play in a city near you.  If you don’t see a tour date near you, drop in on their Facebook and let them know what city you are in and that you’d love to see them there.  This is a band you do not want to miss live.

Album Tracks:
Punching Bag
Give Me a Reason
Carry On
When We Were Young
Going Under
Edge of Goodbye
Anything Can Change
Broken Heart

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