Suicide Silence’s “Straight Out of Hell” Tour Brings Seattle to It’s Knees

Suicide Silence
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September 29th, 2016 – “Where is your god?” (Suicide Silence’s song “Unanswered”) was going through my head as I headed to Studio Seven for a show that I never thought I would get the chance to see.  All four of the bands booked on the bill for this show are some of the biggest bands in Death-Core.  This show, was one that should not be missed.

First band to start the night was Illinois’ Oceano.  These guys put a crazy spin on Death-Core.  With a very technical style this band can fit on many different bills.  On this bill, they brought their A-game.  With a heavy assault of blast beats and breakdowns, Oceano started the night off right.  With the pit moving and people starting to slam, the crowd started getting more and more pulled in to their performance.  At the beginning of their song “Dead Planet”, vocalist Adam Warren talked to the crowd about how the earth is dying.  What a perfect introduction to the song.  Don’t pass up any bill this band is on, they will not disappoint.

Second band on this night of brutality was San Diego’s Carnifex.  Having seen this band many times before, I knew what to expect from them.  With their lated album release of “Slow Death” the band chose to open with a song from that album.  Scott Lewis (vocals) called for a circle pit early into their set and stirred the crowd into a frenzy.  Their half hour set definitely showed the diversity of the Death-Core genre.  With a somewhat Black Metal feel to the set Carnifex blasted through their classics “Die Without Hope”, “Lie To My Face” and “Hell Chose Me”.  This group of guys bring a huge spin to Death-Core.  If they are on a tour that is coming to your town do not miss them.

Next up for the night was Tennessee’s juggernaut, Whitechapel.  I have seen this band every time they have played in Seattle over the the last six years and they always bring a groove for the evening.  Opening up with their new song “The Elitist Ones”, Whitechapel captivated the crowd with their brutality and never stopped.  The band got the crowd moving from the very first note and got bodies up and over the barricade throughout the entire set.  With this band on a bill you are always in for a treat. They will always bring the insanity out of a crowd and will bring a new level of heavy to any bill they are on.  A must see band for any fan of breakdowns, blast beats and gutturals from hell.

Last up for the evening with the band the crowd had been waiting for, California’s Suicide Silence.  The last time I saw this band was back in 2008 on the first Mayhem Festival tour.  I was excited for their performance.  The stage was lit up by mannequins dressed in a white robes that had spotlights on them.  The crowd erupted as the lights went out and intro music came on.  Vocalist, Eddie Hermida, called for a wall of death to start off the set as the heavy riffs of the bands hit song “Disengage” pummeled the ears of the fans.  “Gooooo”, Eddie screamed and the pit turned into a free for all of bodies being thrown around from side to side.  Fans started ricocheting off of one another and up and over the barricade they went one by one.  The band brought the house down during their hour long set as they performed hit song after hit song.

This is one tour you will not want to miss if it is coming to a city near you. Each band on this lineup brings their own amazing set that showcases what Death-Core has to offer.

Suicide Silence Setlist for Seattle:

  • Disengage
  • Fuck Everything
  • Slaves to Substance
  • Destruction of a statue
  • Sacred Words
  • Bludgeoned To Death
  • Inherit The Crown
  • Unanswered
  • Wake Up
  • No Pity For A Coward
  • You Only Live Once

Review and photos by Patrick Burt


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