Hatebreed, DevilDriver and Devil You Know…. What a Night in Seattle!

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This past Monday Hatebreed kicked off their fall “The Concrete Confessional” tour in Seattle.  Along with them, DevilDriver, Devil You Know and locals Bioplague.  What an insane night. The crowd was really wild and the music was great, not a bad way to start off a new tour!

First up for the evening was the Federal Way prog deathcore band Bioplague.  Having seen these guys a few times this year, previous DevilDriver tour and the Summer Slaughter 2016 tour this summer, I knew they would be a great opener for this show and sure enough they were.  These guys have been together since 2014 and for a relatively new band, they are making some good music.  You need to make a point to check these guys out live.

Next up for the evening was Devil You Know.  Those who follow the metal scene know this extreme trio; Howard Jones (Ex-Killswitch Engage, Blood Has Been Shed), Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish, The Francesco Artusato Project) and Ryan Wombacher (Bleeding Through).  Since their inception in 2012 they’ve released 2 studio albums, “The Beauty of Destruction” and “They Bleed Red”.  DYK was spot on, they brought out the angst in the crowd and readied them for even more aggression for the evening.  These guys sounded great.

Third for the night, DevilDriver.  They’ve been out on tour a lot this year prior to and following their May 2016 release of “Trust No One”.  These guys have been around for a long time, 2002.  They’ve got 7 studio releases and 1 EP.  The guys took a break after their 2013 release “Winter Kills” and tour to work on new music.  During this time they also had switch in the band lineup that saw the exit of members John Boecklin (drums) and Jeff Kendrick (guitar) and the welcoming of new members Austin D’Amond (drums, formerly of Chimaira) and Neal Tiemann (guitar, he has quite the resume but most notable, Uncle Kracker, David Cook, and Caroline’s Spine to name a few).  2016 also saw the exit of Chris Towning (bass) and entry of Diego Ibarra (bass, formerly Static-X).  With all of that settled the band has been able to focus on the new release and touring.  Touring has been exactly what they’ve been doing throughout 2016 too.  Seattle had a headlining DevilDriver show in April with a sample of new music to come then this show, which was full of energy from the band to the fans and the fans to the band.  Dez always gives a ton of fan interaction and it’s really cool to watch it happen.  The always there circle pit expected for DevilDriver, yes it was in full force for their set and I’d never expect less during their show.  Drummer, Austin D’Amond, was a bit under the weather while here but that didn’t stop him from giving his all and kicking some ass.  These guys are great performers.  They sounded great and their set was a lot of fun.  Gotta make sure to get out and see these guys!

Last up for the night, Hatebreed.  This is when the show went from just crazy to full on insanity.  As soon as the lights went out and the band hit the stage fans were coming over the barrier one by one.  The immense thrashing had begun and the pit went into a full frenzy of aggression.  For those who wanted nothing to do with the thrashing going on, the only “safe” place was the back of the venue or upstairs in the bar.  There was nowhere to hide anywhere near the stage.  Jamey Jasta (vocals) interacted with the fans, shaking hands and simply enjoying in the response coming from the crowd that came to see them.  At one point in the show one of the fans who was so into the show started banging his head against at pole in the venue and didn’t stop until he gashed his forehead open. Then another fan managed to make it up onto the stage and then tried his hand and stage diving in which the crowd wasn’t having any part of and moved out of his way, the guy ended up with what looked like a broken leg and had to be taken away by medics.  If this says anything about how crazy their tour is going to be, you guys who have a date coming up should be ready for full batshit crazy at your show.  This was a killer night!  All the bands kicked ass and the fans just wanted more.  Great way to start off a tour.  I wish all of these bands a lot of fun!

The fall tour in support of Hatebreed’s May 2016 release “The Concrete Confessional” is making it’s way across North America through October so you have time to catch this tour.

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