The Legendary Rhinestone Cowgirl Dolly Parton Brought the Seattle Fans to Tears!

Dolly Parton
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I don’t swoon very often over artists, but last night I was brought to tears watching the one and only Dolly Parton perform live at the Kent ShoWare Center just south of Seattle, WA.  Spending my early years on the east coast Dolly was more than just a legend to me, she was home.  My mom’s family grew up in a tiny town just at the base of the Smokey Mountains, Townsend, TN.  She used to tell us stories about growing up in the same area as Dolly.  She would tell us about watching Dolly perform in her early years (late 50’s and early 60’s) on the Cas Walker show in Knoxville and how she used to run into her from time to time in Gatlinburg, way before her Nashville years.  So being able to see her show and having the chance to take my mom along and bring some of that hometown feeling to her was just an unbelievable moment.

Fans of all ages were lined up as we arrived to the show.  We saw the youngest dressed up cowgirls to great looking golden girls dolled up in pink sequined jackets, but I do have to say the funnest crowd of the night were the groups of “Dolly’s” that showed up all dolled up with long blonde wigs on.  They were having the best time before the show and I glanced at them a few times throughout the show and they were living it up!  They shared a lot of joy with the crowd.

At the beginning of the show Dolly stepped out from behind a sheer curtain wearing a white one piece outfit donned with so many rhinestones that she literally glittered in every direction that she turned.  Even her hair had rhinestones in it.  If you’ve never seen Dolly’s show, is not just a concert, it’s a storytelling event.  She’s brings her fans into her life and shares so many wonderful stories about her life (good and even the bad), career and behind the scenes of her songs.  Throughout the evening Dolly joked, laughed, sang and interacted with her audience.  She had a dancing cowboy on stage at various points throughout the evening, making sure to point out to the ladies that he was quite a looker then quickly asking the “fellas” what they thought at which time the crowd went berserk with loud cheering from everyone.  The response gave Dolly a full belly chuckle from the overwhelming cheering and if you’ve ever heard her infectious laugh you know what I am talking about.

The audience was on and off their feet throughout the show, mostly in small sections here and there across the venue, but when “Rocky Top/Yakey Sax” started playing, there was no one still in their seat.  The entire venue was on their feet and the crowd lit up as fans were singing along and dancing around.  You could tell as each song came on which were fan favorites and which were ones they weren’t as familiar with.

This was a very long show and it was all Dolly.  No openers need apply, she’s got one heck of an event all on her own.  There were so many amazing moments of the evening and I am sure everyone who was there has their own special moments from the show.  Me personally, I have to say that tears hit me when Dolly told us the story about “Coat of Many Colors”.  When she started explaining to the audience how poor she was growing up, there was and overwhelming feeling inside of me because I connected immediately with that feeling.  As she said they were so poor she didn’t even realize how poor they were because they were rich on love, family and faith again she struck me like a lightening bolt.  I grew up with similar circumstances and the part about her not even noticing how poor they were hit home because I knew exactly what she meant.  With the love in my family, I never felt poor either.

Dolly has a way of peeling you open and making herself feel like part of your home.  She’s genuine about it, not trying to give you a pity story.  She’s not one to sit around and ask for pity, she’s one to get off the piss pot and make things happen.  Not many artists have ever been able to do this and even less today.  So tears it was until the interlude with the Benny Hill theme, then it was full hysterical laughter!  The show continued on with many more stories and a lot more music throughout the evening that lead up to the finale packed full of fan favorite hits.

If you’ve never seen Dolly Parton perform live before, I highly recommend that you do it.  It’s one of the best shows I’ve ever been too in my life and I’ve been to thousands of shows in my lifetime.  Make a point to get out and see her.

Dolly Parton Setlist:
Hello Dolly
Train, Train
Why’d You Come in Here Lookin’ Like That
Pure & Simple
Precious Memories
My Tennessee Mountain Home
Coat of Many Colors
Smokey Mountain Memories
Rocky Top/Yakey Sax
Banks of Ohio
American Pie/If I Had a Hammer/Blowin’ In the Wind/The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
The Seeker
I’ll Fly Away
Baby I’m Burnin’/Girl on Fire
Outside Your Door
The Grass is Blue
Those Memories of You
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Little Sparrow/If I Had Wings
Two Doors Down
Here You Come Again
Islands in the Stream
9 to 5
I Will Always Love You

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