Blink-182 Performs at Seattle’s Key Arena

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Saturday night Blink-182 made a stop in Seattle with a sold out show at Seattle’s Key Arena.  Along with them, they brought The All American Rejects and A Day to Remember to kick off the party.

This show was highly anticipated by the local fans in the Seattle area who’d been wondering if they’d be seeing Blink-182 again after the abrupt exit by guitarist Tom DeLonge in 2015.  Delighted fans of all ages started lining up early before the show, even as the rain showers were pressing through in the early afternoon.  The doors opened at 5:30 and the rush was on for the general admission fans to secure their coveted spots against the barrier to be as close as possible to all the action that was about to ensue for the evening.

First up for the evening was The All American Rejects. These guys are a personal favorite of mine so I was really happy to see them on this line up.  They kicked the show off with “Dirty Little Secret”, one of their most recognizable songs thanks to the iconic teen movie, “John Tucker Must Die”.  They had the short set of the night with just 7 songs, but none the less brought high energy to the stage that infectiously seeped through the crowd. They sounded great and the fans thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Next up for the evening, A Day to Remember.  I had not see these guys perform live before this show so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from their performance.  As we approached the photo I noticed a large amount of giant beach balls in the pit.  Instantly I knew this was not going to go well for anyone in the pit.  Oh was I right!  As ADTR started their set with “The Downfall of Us All”, the beach balls were sent out into the crowd and into action.  The balls quickly became terrifying projectiles as they were slammed back toward the stage.  Photographers, security and even the band at times were ducking and dodging trying to avoid being hit.  At one point bassist Joshua Woodard was nailed in the head from the rear from one of the ricocheting balls and vocalist Jeremy McKinnon was spotted a couple of times with an apologetic look and a wincing shrug motion to those he’d seen hit.

For me it was like an interesting game of photography dodgeball, all good until the shot I got of Joshua kicking the ball whilst looking into my lens ended up slamming my camera into my front teeth (mouth guard for this show would be great if you are up front lol)!  Thankfully no teeth were injured and I wear my cameras on a Black Rapid Yeti harness, my camera was not damaged as I let it drop to my side while reaching for my mouth to check my teeth.  Ah… onto the second song, all the balls seemed to stop nailing us or I had just lost my mind by this point, but a sigh of relief and the show went on.  At one point during their set,  Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker, joined in to play with the band.  This set had a lot of energy from the band and the fans.  By the circle pit that formed on the main floor during their show, I think it was safe to say the  fans were enjoying themselves.  Before it was all over, McKinnon managed to roll over the crowds in a giant inflatable gerbil ball/balloon.  The intensity was great with this band.  If you haven’t seen them live before, it’s a must see show.  The band played a total of 11 songs during their set then said farewell.

Onward to the main attraction for the night, Blink-182. The band started their show off with a giant curtain drop that revealed a wide open stage with a burning FUCK sign on the wall behind them, literally burning flames (Check out the photo below)!  First song of their set was “Feeling This” which led into a fan favorite “What’s My Age Again?” that had the crowds cheering and singing along.  The fans of this crowd were such a mix of age groups from preteens to older adults, but they were all partying together like there was no age gap present.  Blink-182 has had such great musical success over the years that their fanbase continues to grow and spans across many age groups and makes for a really interesting evening if you are a people watcher.

It was clear that the fans were all there for the music and to have a good time, which is exactly what they got.  As with many past performances over the years, the band was running all over the stage proving they are still the mainstream punk rockers they’ve always been.  The addition of Matt Skiba works great, he fits the band well in their live show and adds his own energy to the performance.  They performed an impressive 25 song set at this show, not bad for guys my age!  Although they’ve been on a sort of hiatus the past few years, Blink-182 is definitely back!  If their new album “California” doesn’t convince you, their live show will.  Never count these guys out!  What a fun evening of high energy music and infectious energy from every direction.  Just a few more shows are left on their current tour, if you are lucky and able catch one, do it!

The All American Rejects Setlist:
Dirty Little Secret
Swing, Swing
I Wanna
It Ends Tonight
Move Along
Gives You Hell

A Day to Remember Setlist:
The Downfall of Us All
I’m Made of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?
2nd Sucks
Right Back at It Again
Have Faith in Me
All Signs Point to Lauderdale
All I Want
If It Means A Lot to You
The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle

Blink-182 Setlist:
Feeling This
What’s My Age Again?
Family Reunion
The Rock Show
First Date
I Miss You
Bored to Death
Built This Pool
Don’t Leave Me (with Kevin Skaff)
Stay Together for the Kids
Reckless Abandon
San Diego
Not Now
Kings of the Weekend
Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Dysentery Gary
Los Angeles

All the Small Things
Brohemian Rhapsody

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