Heartbanger – Through the Dark | Album Review

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I have always had a special place in my music catalog for the melodic rock genre. A couple of weeks ago I came across a new musical project that took me straight back to the 80’s melodic rock era and it made me stop a take a full listen to the album.

This project is a band called Heartbanger from Spain (Barcelona to be specific). The album titled “Through the Dark” was just released in September 2016 under the label Rock CD. It’s a 9 track cd with an authentic melodic rock sound that will instantly take you back to that time (if you were around in the 80’s that is). If you weren’t around in the 80’s or were and enjoy melodic rock from the early to mid 80’s, you will throughly enjoy this album.

As I am writing this review I listening to this album for at least the 15th time. Each time I hear something I didn’t catch in previously plays and I find myself singing along with the lyrics that are easy to pick up a few times after hearing each song. It’s like a musical time machine. This album honestly takes me back to early Journey, Foreigner, Loverboy, etc. the artists in that time period. The songs have such a familiar feeling to me as if I’d been listening to them for ages, but they are new. In my mind I imagine all the early 80’s American television series that had sound tracks in the shows and I could see these songs blended right into them.

This is not the mid to late 80’s hairband style rock n roll, this is all about the melody and the melodic combination between instruments and vocals. It’s a beautifully written, performed and produced piece of work. It will not be for everyone. If you are a heavy or death metal fan who hates melodic rock, this is not your thing at all. If you are a fan of the melodies in music and waning guitar solos that feeling like they are talking to you or pulling at you then this is probably something for you. It’s definitely nostalgic to hear something so new with such an authentic sound to this genre.

The album is available for purchase directly from the Heartbanger Facebook page by clicking on the “Shop Now” button at the top of their page or directly at https://heartbangerspain.bigcartel.com and ships world wide.

The mastermind behind creation the of this project is musician/guitarist/songwriter Xavi Méndez. He managed to gather a group of talented artists to collaborate with on this project.

To name a few of these artists:
Tony Mills (SHY, TNT, “Intro” and “Through The Dark”)
Gabrielle De Val (The Val, “You Came On Time”)
Manu Esteve (Hardreams, “The Last Chance Night”, “The Only Thing” and “In Heaven”)
Angel Rubin (“Tierras De La Libertad”)

Xavi Méndez – Guitar
Alberto Fernández (Tokio) – Keyboards
Paco Muñoz – Drums
Luís Álvarez – Bass (*Except where indicated on tracks 2 & 6)
*Ricard Flores: Bass on “THE LAST CHANCE NIGHT”
*Marc Lladó: Bass on “THE ONLY THING”

Through the Dark track list:
05-ALWAYS REMEMBERED (Instrumental)
07-TIERRAS DE LA LIBERTAD (vocals in Spanish)
09-NIGHT DRIVE (BONUS TRACK, Instrumental)




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