Juliette Lewis Rocked the Chop Suey!

Juliette Lewis
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A good friend from Switzerland told me last year that she’d been to see Juliette Lewis live and that if I ever had the chance, not to miss her show.  Well this past Tuesday evening a friend offered up a last minute ticket to her sold out show at the Chop Suey in Seattle and of course I grabbed that without ticket without hesitation.

We arrived about halfway through the opening set.  The venue was about half full at that point which left me wondering where all the fans who’d snapped up the tickets were.  So I let that thought linger and focused in on the opener of the night.  The opener for the show was Andy Clockwise, Australian-born but now a Los Angeles local.  I’d not heard of him before the show, but he was quite entertaining.  Very upbeat music (dance/electronica/roxy with heavy bass and beats) that’s great to move to.  He’s got this kind of aggressive signature look he does while performing where his eyes get really big and he tilts his manscaped beard toward you and tousled hair back that makes you wonder if you’re going to need to back away from the stage as he looks at you or if you need to move in closer because you aren’t quite sure what is to follow.  Nothing to fear though, he’s just getting into the music.

The main show of the night was Juliette Lewis and her band.  For some of you, you may be saying wait, isn’t Juliette Lewis an actress?  Yes, she is. She’s also an amazing musician too.  If you never heard that before now, you really need to check out her work.  I mean, if she ever decides to stop acting (which I hope she never does because I love her work), she’s got music in her soul and could do music as a full time thing!  I have been enjoying her music for a while now, but just never had a chance to catch her live before this.

The Chop Suey was completely packed by the time she hit the stage.  Standing room only at this show and it was a tightly packed in crowd.  Juliette’s an artist who’s full of energy on stage.  She loves her fans and it really shines through in her performance that she’s there for them.  Her fans also love her.  There’s so much mutual respect between the band and the fans, it’s really a cool thing to witness at her show.  She’s not afraid to be vulnerable with her audience either, which really makes you feel part of her show.  And to top it off, her band is packed full of really talented musicians too.

I stood in the back of the venue for the evening to watch the show and the people.  It was really a fun time as fans were jumping around to the music as Juliette moved all across the stage interacting with the band and the fans. Toward the end of her show she hopped off the stage and into the crowd with her mic in hand and let some fans sing along with her then came back to the stage wearing a fans hat.  The band played one encore then said good night.  The set was a mix of rock and dance music, something for everyone to enjoy.

After the show I got a chance to say hello to Juliette and I have to tell all of you this, she’s a genuinely nice person.  I am really pleased that I got to see that’s who she is in person, it just made this entire night a perfect night out.  Juliette’s band is wrapping up their tour for this year with just a couple of shows left, so be on the look out next year when they take to the road again.  You really need to see her live!

You can keep up with news on her band on her website.

I wasn’t working this show, but did take along my point and shoot to get a few photos from the show so here’s a few photos from Seattle.


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