Royal Republic, These Swedes are More Than Just the “Weekend Man”

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So this past week I realized that I’ve never actually sat down and written whole heartedly about one of the best bands I have heard in the last few years.  I believe they are a group everyone around the world needs to hear about.  To this band, I completely apologize for not doing a formal write up yet, although I do constantly talk about the band to anyone who will listen.  Oh who am I kidding?  I tell them even if they don’t want to listen.  Who is this band you ask?  They are Royal Republic and no surprise here folks, they are Swedish.  So many great bands continue to come from Sweden!

Royal Republic is a rock band (mix of garage, alternative, punk, and hard rock with great vocals) from Malmö, Sweden comprised of four insanely talented musicians, Adam Grahn (vocalist, guitar), Hannes Irengård (guitar, backing vocals), Jonas Almén (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Per Andreasson (drums, backing vocals).  These guys formally became a band in 2007 and released their first album “We Are the Royal” in 2010 which gave them much success in Sweden. This album is packed full of great songs. Some of my fav’s off this album are “Tommy-Gun”, “Full Steam Spacemachine” and “Cry Baby Cry”.  The music is fast, the vocals will have you singing along.  It’s an in your face, good time album.  Most of these songs would be awesome for your cardio playlists, road trips or anywhere you are, they will keep your energy up!

They released their second album “Save the Nation” in 2012 that was followed with tours in Europe and Australia then a major festival performance and Rock am Ring and Rock im Park in Germany.  This album is full of great songs that are mixed up with fast tempos with punk vocals to slower songs that are more relaxed with singable melodies.  Lots of great songs on this one, but my personal fav’s are “Addictive”, “Let Your Hair Down” and “Molotov”.  Another great release from the band.  After this album as people starting seeing them touring and getting their hands on their music their fanbase started growing all over Europe and around the world. 

In 2014 they did a release that parted from their usual fast, funky and energetic sound to an acoustic country style sound called “Royal Republic and the Nosebreakers”.  To me, it sounded like hipsters who got their hands on way too much Tennessee backwoods moonshine and then decided to try playing hillbilly music.  This album didn’t work for me, to be completely honest, but artists experiment and try new things out and that’s ok too.

I am happy to say that they came back to their unique core sound with their 2016 release of “Weekend Man”.  It’s high energy, singable, great melodies and great music.  With songs like “Kung Fu Lovin'”, “Baby”, “Weekend Man”, this album has something for all music fans.  I am thrilled with the new album.  These guys like to have fun too.  If you watch any of their music videos, which I HIGHLY recommend that you do, you will see they just like having fun.  They make fun of themselves and each other.  No one’s taking anything too seriously, but their music is seriously great!

So since I know many of you have probably never heard of them before now, you probably wonder how the hell I came across these guys since they aren’t getting any radio play here in the USA.  Well that’s easy, I love music and I love to travel.  Two of my favorite things combined into one….. overseas music festivals!  To be specific, in 2014 I traveled to southern Sweden to see rock music festival called Sweden Rock Festival.  It’s 4 days of the most amazing music and amazing people you could even be surrounded by.  I go yearly and love this place, it’s like going home to me.  So in 2014 I was at the festival and was chatting with some Malmö locals who’d come up to the festival (George and Daniel) and they said they were going to see this band called Royal Republic and I was like, who the hell is that?  They told me that they were a local band they had come up to see, they worked with a tour agency and were sent up to see them to promote the Malmö music scene and that I had to come and see their set, so I went along to watch and see who this band was.  I mean, I was in Sweden, part of that means checking out all the Swedish bands I could.  I can’t even explain the complete feeling of joy that I felt when this band started playing.   Instantly I knew I was a fan and the crowd all around me was having so much fun as the band played, it was so energizing.  I pulled out my mobile to capture how energetic the band and crowd were, I knew people back home just wouldn’t what I was telling them.  So instead, I showed them.  I have added the video below, it’s a lot of moving around and not the best quality, but I just needed a way to capture the insane energy all around at this show.  Even watching it again now, I still can’t believe I was there for this crazy moment in time and it takes me right back to that moment I first heard them!  How I wish they’d get a tour here in the USA!

Their fan base has been steadily growing throughout the world as people are finding out about them and going crazy over their fresh and energetic sound.  Fans around the world have been asking for them to expand their live tour dates to more countries so they can enjoy a live show which after being to one myself I can say is not like any other show I’ve been to in a long time.  Fans at the Royal Republic shows are out to have a great time and completely get into the music.

Progress is starting here on our shores.  Just this past Friday afternoon, I was chilling at home and editing show photos from the the Volbeat show that just came through Seattle and a promo spot comes on CBS for the new MacGyver television series that is coming up and all of a sudden I hear the beginning chords of the single “Weekend Man” playing (unmistakable chords), on my TV, on national USA television!  I literally started screaming in pure joy at my TV that one of my favorite bands who’s had no airplay in the USA is now on a promo of one of the most anticipated new fall television series.  HOW??  Even the band didn’t know about it until I tweeted the promo that I caught over to them.  Talk about being happy about being the person giving them that news!  So that spurred me to get to talking about them to all of you out there here on the site.

I am heading to Germany later in fall to catch them live, do a show review and have been chatting with their management team about photographing the show too so that I can help spread the word about a band that I believe is one that has the potential to be a worldwide favorite band.  Maybe if I get lucky I can swing an interview.  They just need a break from someone to get them on a tour in these tougher markets, ahem USA and worldwide promoters and tour production companies, are you out there?  You need to be booking this band!  They are fantastic.

For the rest of you, check out some of their videos below.  Check out their music, I suggest starting with their first album then go in order to hear their music and the progression of their sound.  The bands music can also be heard on Spotify (which I believe if you Spotify, you still need to buy their physical CD’s or digital copies too, the artists need to be paid for their work).  You can buy their music via their store, Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music.

Start calling your radio stations and asking for Royal Republic.  Start posting about them online (FB, Twitter, anywhere you are using social media), use #RoyalRepublic on your posts.  Let’s get these guys noticed everywhere!

Stay tuned for more to come on Royal Republic.

Royal Republic is on Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s a full festival live show:

“Full Steam Spacemachine” off of “We are the Royal”:

“Tommy Gun” off of “We are the Royal”:

“When I See You Dance With Another” from “Weekend Man”:

“Baby” off of “Weekend Man”:

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